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Welcome Caitlin Case and Jenny Wesselkamper!

Welcome Caitlin Case and Jenny Wesselkamper!

This is a continuation of this week’s earlier post profiling new employees to our Radiology Department as well as employees that work alongside our department, such as Anesthesia Imaging. Here are two more new employees!

Caitlin Case

“Hello again, I’m back!  I previously worked as a Radiography Technologist for Cincinnati Children’s from Sept. 2014 until October 2016, when I dropped down to PRN to take a full-time position closer to home.  I stayed with that company for close to 2 years and recently made the decision to come back full time with Cincinnati Children’s. 

As much as I enjoyed being more conveniently located to family, I never felt the love and pride for my job that I felt when I was here. It is the love for this organization and this job that constantly pulled at my heart strings and ultimately brought me back. I am incredibly grateful to have been given the opportunity to return and I look forward to getting back into the groove of caring for these amazing kiddos.”


Jenny Wesselkamper

“I have been a nurse for 12 years. I spent 8 years on a cardiac step-down unit where I also did catheter lab recovery and a charge RN role. I spent a year in a pediatrician office and also a year teaching clinical and lecture classes for a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) program.

I have a 9-year-old daughter who is in 4th grade and a 3-year-old son who is about to start preschool. I enjoy being with my family, hiking and anything outdoors.”

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About the author: Glenn Miñano

Glenn Miñano is a media specialist in the Department of Radiology, providing graphic design, photography, printing, video services, and administration of the department’s online properties. His works have been published in several medical articles, such as the American Journal of Radiology and the American Institute of Ultrasound. He has been providing these services to the Radiology Department since 1996.

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