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Meet Tristen Yarborough, Reading Room Assistant at Cincinnati Children’s

Meet Tristen Yarborough, Reading Room Assistant at Cincinnati Children’s

My name is Tristen Yarborough and I’ve worked in Radiology as a Reading Room Assistant for almost three years. My job is to facilitate and enhance the working environment for the radiologists. Every day I aim to improve workflow and increase overall efficiency and productivity. I coordinate patient flow and help things run smoothly by greeting and registering patients, entering orders, and helping to get patients to the technologist so the study can be performed. I also communicate critical test results to referring physicians and healthcare providers. In order to do the best job that I can, I’ve developed a solid understanding of the information systems used in the Radiology Department.

I like working at Cincinnati Children’s because of all the different people I am able to interact with. I see so many families who are not only dealing with illness, but are dealing with it away from home. This is a humbling experience.

My favorite part of my job is interacting with kids. I love working with them because they’re so honest and funny. They speak the truth without a second thought, and their unadulterated joy is contagious.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Radiology is a special place because of the lengths we go to to protect and treat our patients. Their safety is our number one priority and we consider that in every decision we make.

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