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What To Expect During a Non-Anesthesia Interventional Radiology Study

What To Expect During a Non-Anesthesia Interventional Radiology Study

If your child is having a procedure in Interventional Radiology without sedation/general anesthesia, you will first check in at the main radiology desk located on B1.

A nurse will take you and your child to a holding room in Interventional Radiology before reviewing your child’s medical history and verifying the exam to be conducted. The interventional radiologist will then come in and get consent. You and your child will then be taken to the exam room and meet the x-ray technologist.


The technologist will talk to you about the equipment in the room, the procedure, and any other questions that may come to mind. Once all your questions have been answered, the technologist will position your child on the table. A large camera that hangs directly above your child will move around to take images, but it will never touch your child’s body. Two family members over the age of 18 are welcome to accompany your child in the procedure room. Everyone in the room will be wearing hats and masks, even family members, to make sure everything stays clean.

We will talk with your child throughout the exam, explaining what we are doing step by step. Any questions or concerns you might have will be addressed immediately to the best of our ability. Once finished with the exam, the radiologist and staff will answer any additional questions you may have.

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