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March Radiology Patient Experience Update

Post Date: April 7, 2023
March Radiology Patient Experience Update

How are we doing?

In February, 92.4% of the 328 families surveyed gave Radiology a positive score for “overall rating of facility.”

This exceeds our Patient Experience Goal of 92%!

The FY23 Goal is 92.0%

What are K-Cards?

The Patient Experience (PE) team uses an observational tool called K-Cards. (The “K” in K-Cards comes from the Japanese word Kamishibai, which was a form of storytelling used by Japanese Buddhist monks beginning in the 12th century.) The K-Card allows the PE team to record their observations of staff and patient interactions as well as offering real-time coaching opportunities, sharing leaning, and identifying barriers to providing an ideal Radiology patient experience. For more on K-Cards, visit our blog post here: https://blog.cincinnatichildrens.org/radiology/how-we-strive-to-provide-the-ideal-patient-experience-in-radiology-through-listening-and-observing/

Do Ideal PE K-Cards really improve experience?

  • Since rolling out Ideal PE K-Cards, our average positive score for Overall Rating has gone from 87.4% to 91.6%.
  • Monthly data shows:

More K-Cards completed = higher PE scores

Fewer K-Cards completed = lower PE scores

  • Bottom Line: K-Cards help remind us to slow down, smile, make a connection, explain, and listen, leading to a better patient experience.

What have we learned so far from the current K-Card?

Planning Ahead – When staff know what to expect and the patient and family know more about the exam prior to their visit, the experience is greatly improved

Tech and nurse feedback:

Impactful: Calling ahead and making a plan.

Patient had been listed as having an incompatible trach. Called mom to get the size ahead of time to provide compatible trach. Found out early that it was okay. She came in early bc she was afraid the child was too sick for anesthesia, but since arrived early we had time to do a breathing tx and use her vest. We were able to do MRI early and to have her surgery the next day. Family from 2 hours away.

Communicating early and calling was very beneficial.

Positive outcome and patient close to getting her sleep apnea treated and her trach out. She is chronically sick, so this was great news for the mom.

Family Feedback

In February, 91% of the survey comments were positive.

  • Everyone is always wonderful there. So many people took great care of us and they always do! Thank you all!
  • Our technicians for both our ultrasound and our CT scan were fantastic. They were very helpful through the procedure. They spoke clearly. They were very customer service oriented and gave great comfort to my son who was going through the two procedures.
  • Molly the ultrasound tech was amazing with my son! She explained everything to him and really helped calm his nerves, especially since he was anxious about what to expect to begin with! She was very welcoming towards him and even showed him some things on the screen!
  • I absolutely love Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Everyone is so positive and friendly. They make you feel comfortable. I drove 300 miles, and it is definitely worth it.
  • Chelsea the technician was terrific!!!!  She was knowledgeable, friendly, and just all-around awesome!! Thank you!!
  • Angie and Liza were wonderful! Angie was so cheerful and friendly. She put my son at ease from the start. Liza was gentle and comforting. Angie explained everything so well! This was the perfect MRI experience!
  • Sarah, Beth, Sherry, and Maddie were extremely kind and reassuring with my son with Down syndrome. He was very nervous. They held his hand, and it was just very calming. Thank you.
  • I would like to recognize the ultrasound tech who saw my daughter. She was very attentive. She listened to my concerns, something our pediatrician had been not acknowledging, and thanks to her, it was noticed that my daughter had a ruptured appendicitis…I just really appreciate the ultrasound tech and her caring and kindness to make sure we got to the emergency room department by walking us there. She gave hugs to my daughter and wished her well. I’m just extremely impressed by the professionalism along with the caring side.
  • I was EXTREMELY pleased with everyone we spoke with at the hospital and during the MRI. I felt like my daughter was in very good hands. I loved the app that we were able to download to track her scan, and I was very appreciative that the nurses called me whenever they needed to inform me on something going on.
  • The desk staff were great. I forgot my water travel cup and they were calling me before I even left the parking lot. It was so appreciated!
  • The entire team did a fantastic job helping our son overcome anxiety over the procedure. In particular, our Child & Life specialist was amazing! She had fidgets and asked him questions to distract him. At the end she gave him a bravery certificate and a squish mallow that he carries everywhere now! 🙂 After the procedure, unprompted, he told us that she made him feel really comfortable during the procedure. We are so grateful for such a caring and gentle team during a very uncomfortable and sensitive procedure. Thank you so much!

Radiology Quality Improvement Division, author; Glenn Miñano, BFA, editor; Meredith Towbin, copy editor

About the author: Glenn Miñano

Glenn Miñano is a media specialist in the Department of Radiology, providing graphic design, photography, printing, video services, and administration of the department’s online properties. His works have been published in several medical articles, such as the American Journal of Radiology and the American Institute of Ultrasound. He has been providing these services to the Radiology Department since 1996.

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