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Congratulations to Radiology Safety Award Winner David Carter!

Congratulations to Radiology Safety Award Winner David Carter!

Everyone please take a moment to congratulate our recent Safety Award Winner David Carter! David is a Radiography Technologist at our Cincinnati Children’s Liberty Campus. David received 7 (yes 7) safety related Above and Beyond awards. Not only does David help to keep our patients safe but he is a congenial and humble guy, loved by peers and patients alike. David was very surprised to receive his award plaque and a six pack of Coke Zero and a variety of flavorful gum. Thanks David for keeping our patients safe and keep up the good work.

Photo: Julie Dickerson, presenting David with his award and David surrounded by his co-workers at our Liberty Campus.

We want to give another shout out to Angie Asher, Rad/CT/MRI technologist also at our Liberty location. Angie also received 7 Above and Beyond awards. Although David won the tie breaker, we just want to recognize Angie as well for her constant dedication to excellence and patient safety over the years. You rock, Angie!

Photo: Angie Asher

Some examples of why these great employee’s won their awards;

David Carter

  • Team player. Keeping patient safe by taking over for a tired colleague.
    • On New Year’s Eve, I had stayed late to scan an Abdomen CT. However, after an hour had passed, the patient still wasn’t ready. David was kind enough to scan the patient for me. I just want him to know that I really appreciate his help. Thanks for going above and beyond!
  • Team member checking and coaching. Team player.
    • I got called in at 5AM for an Abdomen CT. David was present during my scan- for safety & support. When I finished, David kindly returned the patient to the ED. This small gesture was a HUGE help to me, as I needed to get back home & shower so that I could return for work in MRI at 7AM. As always, thank you- David for your help & support!

Angie Asher

  • Taking on difficult cases. Staying late to maintain continuity of care.
    • Angie did a great job today tackling 2 involved exams, which took up a majority of the day, and even stayed after her shift to help finish one of them. She also was very patient and kind to her little patient who was getting anxious near the end of her test. Her encouraging words really helped the young girl finish the exam.
  • Working as a team to ensure best care for patient. Taking the time to make sure the prep was correct so exam would be diagnostic.
    • Angie and Patrick worked really well together to care for a difficult patient.  Their Enterography patient required a lot of attention and persuasion while getting the IV, drinking, and getting  into the scanner, and later when vomited during his scan.  They never lost their patience or their smiles while taking care of this patient.

Contributed by Julie Dickerson, RN BSN MST.

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