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Where is the “Diagnosis Room”? A Alimpse into Radiology NICU Rounds

Post Date: November 4, 2020
Where is the “Diagnosis Room”?  A Alimpse into Radiology NICU Rounds

Behind every decision made relating to patient care in the neonatal intensive care unit is an extensive network of doctors, nurses, allied health care professionals, trainees and students engaging in daily chart reviews and discussions. The goal is always the same: to provide the best care possible for the newborn patient and family. As a radiologist, I have a front-row seat to these discussions during daily “Radiology NICU rounds.” These rounds are specifically targeted to review all of the imaging studies of the patients in the NICU on a given day. The cases are often complex and the discussions are challenging as everyone in the group brings their knowledge, experience and ideas to the table.

Being involved in these rounds is something that I enjoy about my job here at Cincinnati Children’s. It allows our Radiology department to provide an optimal service to patients by improving communication with the clinical team and is a mark of our department’s commitment to patient care. It also allows me to continue to improve my interpretive skills as I am able to learn from my colleagues how imaging findings translate to the patient that they see in NICU every day and how certain imaging findings are important in each patient’s care. I am fortunate to work with such a meticulous, caring and tireless team.



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