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Welcome Lisa Qiu and Hien “Lena” Lai

Welcome Lisa Qiu and Hien “Lena” Lai


I’m Lisa Qiu and I use she/her pronouns. I’m originally from New York City and more recently moved to Portland, Oregon, for my medical education.  

I decided to take a year off between my third and fourth year of medical school to come to Cincinnati Children’s for a research fellowship in the Department of Radiology. Through this fellowship, I hope to gain experience in academic research, learn fundamental skills in reading imaging, and carry out research studies from start to finish. Cincinnati Children’s stood out to me as a place with a plethora of intersectional clinical and research opportunities that will expose me to complex pathologies in kids.  

In my spare time, I am a woodworker and enjoy building functional objects with my hands. Otherwise, I spend my time playing fetch, trail running, hiking, and canoeing with Oakie, my golden retriever. Sometimes he reads with me too. The latest book we’ve read together was Minor Feelings: An Asian-American Reckoning by Cathy Park Hong.   


Hello! My name is Hien “Lena” Lai. I was born in Viet Nam and moved to the US in 1998. I grew up here and have lived in Cincinnati for most of my life. Ever since I started taking care of my grandmother as her home health aide, I have had a strong interest in the medical field. I did not want to be a doctor or a nurse. After some research, I decided on pursuing radiography at the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash and graduated from the program in 2018.   

My work has always been about caring for others and I am excited for the opportunity to care for all our kids here at Cincinnati Children’s.  

I love traveling the world, sightseeing, and visiting national parks with family and friends. I like to sing and read, and enjoy watching movies in my free time.   

I look forward to knowing each one of you, learning from you, and at the same time contributing to the team.  

Side note: I am also a qualified medical and educational interpreter helping the limited English proficiency (LEP) Vietnamese. My permanent clients are my parents ;). 


Meredith Towbin, copyeditor

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