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Radiology Welcomes Kelsey Goodridge and Samantha Benz

Radiology Welcomes Kelsey Goodridge and Samantha Benz

A few new faces that have joined our Radiology family in the Radiography/Fluoroscopy Division. Please welcome Kelsey Goodridge and Samantha Benz!

Kelsey Goodridge

Kelsey Goodridge lives on the east side of Cincinnati. She’s a recent graduate of the University of Cincinnati. Her mom is a nurse so that got her initially intrigued by the medical field. About 10 years ago, Kelsey had a few radiology exams performed and found it all very interesting, so she did some research about the field and the rest is history.

Her hobbies include caring for her small zoo at home and spending time outdoors. The last book she read was The Testaments by Margaret Atwood.

Samantha Benz

I’m Samantha Benz and grew up on the east side of Cincinnati in the Eastgate area. I went to Glen Este High School and then to The University of Cincinnati. I went into the medical field because ever since I was young, I knew I wanted to help people and make them feel better and more comfortable. I chose radiography specifically because I love skeletal anatomy and the way our bodies work.

My hobbies include painting my nails, riding my bike and reading A LOT now that I don’t have to study anymore. The last book I read was The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn. I am beyond excited to be part of the radiography team.


Meredith Towbin, copyeditor

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