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Welcome Dr. Shireen Hayatghaibi

Post Date: December 9, 2021
Welcome Dr. Shireen Hayatghaibi

Hello everyone, my name is Shireen Hayatghaibi. I’m one of the new faculty working in the Imaging Research Center, a sub-division of Radiology. My primary role is research, writing papers/grants, giving presentations, accumulating data and drinking large quantities of coffee. I’m also affiliated with the Anderson Center. 

I grew up in Houston, TX. Houston is known for many things, but the diversity of the city is unparalleled. I remember as a kid going to the same small Persian restaurant to eat kabob. My dad would meet up with his friends, we would all eat, drink tea and talk for hours. It is still my favorite place to eat in Houston. 

My passion for population health was shaped by my early work as a research assistant where I conducted home visits assessing healthy behaviors for families whose children were recently discharged from the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU). In some cases, the families I visited resided in homeless shelters. This work, along with the strong sentiment that having access to quality healthcare should not lead to financial ruin, solidified my decision to pursue a doctoral degree in health economics and health services research.

My motivating factor to move to Cincinnati Children’s was to increase the value of imaging by reducing out-of-pocket costs for patients who require advanced imaging. Cincinnati Children’s does an incredible job of providing high-quality care, and I hope to contribute by concentrating on the economic factor for patients. I am also happy that I get to collaborate with some great researchers such as Drs. Ayyala, Dillman and Trout. The Anderson Center’s Health Service’s Research core was another reason why I chose to come to Cincinnati. 

I enjoy concrete, tall buildings and running. Since the pandemic, I started cooking, and I enjoy “attempting” to cook traditional Persian dishes for family and friends. The last movie I saw was Addams Family 2. The last books I read were the Broken Earth trilogy; I love sci-fi.


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