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Welcome To Our 2018 Radiology Clinical Fellows!

Welcome To Our 2018 Radiology Clinical Fellows!

Photo: (l-r) Drs. Julie Guerin, Yinan Li, Marie Vasher, Eric Diaz, Cara Morin, Alan Chen, Jaad Ranginwala, David Hunte, Morgan McBee, Mitchell Rees and Brian Coley (Radiologist-in-Chief).

Our Radiology Fellowship Program runs for one year, starting on July 1st and ending on July 1st the following year. We graduated eight radiologists last year. This year there are currently ten radiologists in the program, with an eleventh Neuroradiology fellow coming later in August. In no particular order, let’s introduce you to our new 2018 Clinical Radiology Fellows.

Dr. Cara Morin

Dr. Morin grew up in Baltimore, MD. She loves to bake, especially bread. She also loves to read to her kids and to herself, usually reading about 150 novels of all different genres per year! Fantasy is her favorite, though. Recently, she started reading the Percy Jackson series with her kids.

MorinPhoto: Dr. Morin and her family.

Dr. Morin and her husband got married in Malta in a castle. When asked what made them choose Malta, she explained, “We decided to trade a traditional wedding for a trip and turns out Malta is the easiest place to get officially married in Europe. You fill out a few forms before you go and that’s it. A lot of the other countries have residency requirements where you have to be in the country for a certain number of days/weeks before you can legally get married. Plus Malta was beautiful!”

“I love being the doctor that gives all the ‘answers’ and I just love all of the babies,” she says of her decision to specialize in Radiology.

Dr. Alan Chen

Dr. Chen’s hometown is Morganville, NJ, an unincorporated community within Marlboro Township in Monmouth County, New Jersey.


His hobbies include racquet sports (tennis, ping-pong), jiu-jitsu, and stand-up paddleboarding. He also participates in obstacle course runs and is currently training for his first full Tough Mudder in October. In his own words, he’s a “video game and comic book nerd” and loves playing board and card games, as well.

Dr. Chen goes to Taiwan at least once every two years to visit family. He’s traveled to Canada, Austria, England, France, Italy, and Japan. Most recently, he travelled to Las Vegas and visited the Grand Canyon.

“Radiology is a never-ending detective novel,” he explains. “I have to find all the clues from the images and the clinical data to solve the mystery. I never found myself putting the book down.”

Dr. Eric Diaz

Dr. Diaz grew up in Houston, the most populous city in the state of Texas! When he was 18 he moved to San Diego and lived there until coming to Cincinnati for his residency. His family is currently in California and Hawaii.


He enjoys hiking and goes at least once a week, sometimes more. While outside, he likes to identify different plant, tree, bird and animal species. He also occasionally does some programming for research projects and web applications.

During high school, he spent a few weeks in a small beach town in Costa Rica, spending part of each day surfing. He certainly enjoyed his time there, explaining, “The place was absolutely beautiful, the ocean water was a wonderful temperature and the local people were very nice and interesting.”

Why did he choose radiology? “I found the imaging instruments (MR, CT, US, PET) to be very interesting from an engineering standpoint. I did biomedical engineering in undergrad at UCSD and was exposed to the physics that makes them work early on. I also still marvel at the fact that we can ‘see’ inside the body to make diagnosis, which is just really cool and makes such a huge impact in modern medicine.”

Dr. Mitchell Rees

Dr. Rees is from Columbus – our great state of Ohio’s capital! During his time in the Navy, he lived in Hawaii and was able to visit all of the major Hawaiian Islands.

ReesPhoto: Dr. Rees with his family.

In his free time he enjoys running, biking and watching cartoons with his daughter.

He made the decision to pursue Radiology because “I enjoy imaging, and I saw how valuable a good radiologist can be when I was a primary care physician in the Navy.”

Dr. Marie Vasher

Dr. Vasher comes to us from Englewood, Florida. It is located in Sarasota and Charlotte counties, on the gulf side of the state.

vasherPhoto: Dr. Vasher with her nieces and nephews.

She enjoys spending time with family and friends, boating/fishing/watersports, music and playing the piano, baking, golfing, photography and puzzles. She also enjoys traveling, finding each place she’s been neat due to the unique scenery and culture.

In regards to choosing radiology, she says, “In addition to choosing the field of radiology because of the visual and anatomical aspects that lead to differential diagnoses and management plans, I knew that radiology would lead me into interventional radiology where I could perform minimally invasive procedures. I enjoy taking care of patients, especially pediatric and oncology patients, and it’s very rewarding to be able to apply my education/skills to aid in their management and/or treatment.”

Dr. Morgan McBee

Dr. McBee comes to us from Wheeling, West Virginia. He has many hobbies including technology/gadgets, board games, and hiking. Travel is another hobby of his, taking him to places such as Botswana, South Africa, Zambia, Costa Rica, Peru and China.

McBeePhoto: Dr. McBee hiking with his wife at the Grand Teton National Park.

Aligning with his interests, he chose radiology because, he says, “Technology is what really first piqued my interest in radiology as I have a background in Information Technology. Progressing through the first two years of medical school, anatomy was my favorite class, and I realized that radiology was the natural melding of technology and anatomy.”

Dr. Yinan Li

Dr. Li grew up in Princeton, New Jersey. He continued to live in the New York/New Jersey area until recently coming to Cincinnati.

LiPhoto: Dr. Li with his girlfriend in the Poconos, PA.

He enjoys animals, baseball and being outdoors. While travelling, his favorite international trip was to Costa Rica.

He enjoys radiology because “it demands fundamental knowledge of anatomy and then challenges me to expound upon imaging findings based on that knowledge to help patients and clinicians arrive at a diagnosis.”

Dr. Saad Ranginwala

Dr. Rangiwala is from Springfield, Ohio, which is about an hour-and-a-half drive north of Cincinnati.

SaadPhoto: Dr. Ranginwala with some wallabies during his visit down in Australia.

He enjoys watching and playing basketball, as well as technology. He also loves to travel. Earlier this year, he bought a one-way ticket to Tokyo and figured things out along the way, eventually ending his trip in Australia.

“The combination of medicine and technology was very appealing for me and the intersection of those two areas is what I’m hoping to find in my future career,” he says in regards to why he chose radiology.

Drs. David Hunte and Julia Guerin’s introductory information will be included in a later post with the new incoming Neuroradiology Fellow, Dr. Padmaja Naidu.

Please help us welcome all of our talented new fellows!

Contributions by Alyssa McAfee, COORDINATOR-CT/MR.


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