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Ultrasound’s Janet Adams Retires After Nearly 30 Years of Service

Post Date: January 9, 2020
Ultrasound’s Janet Adams Retires After Nearly 30 Years of Service

The Ultrasound Devision is a little quieter these days as everyone adjusts to Janet Adams’ retirement. Janet has been a valuable asset to the department for almost 30 years! Many of her co-workers referred to her as the “Head Master” or “TCD Queen.” Her wealth of knowledge and eagerness to teach and educate her fellow co-workers are only a few things that will be missed. In the few short weeks since Janet’s last day, the ultrasound staff is missing her positive attitude and her radiating energy.

Photo: Janet (wearing Santa sweater) with her ultrasound co-workers

Janet first came to the Ultrasound Division with her Bachelor’s in Nuclear Medicine. She was the fifth ultrasound technologist at Cincinnati Children’s. Just to give you an idea of how much she has contributed to the growth of the department, there are now over 40 technologists, and Janet has contributed to all of their training. Her co-workers have viewed her as an invaluable resource to the department.

Photo: Janet and Dr. O’Hara (US Division-Chief)

Janet’s involvement has extended well beyond the ultrasound department. She has always been quick to volunteer wherever needed. Her contributions are vast in the Radiology Department. She has served as Lead Safety Coach for years. Janet has also been a critical care coach, research tech, Joint Commission representative, Radiology patient experience representative, Radiology blog author/editor, the list goes on. Her willingness to be involved in process improvement projects and technological advancements have been a key factor in making Janet such a knowledgeable resource.

Her expertise has led her to also be an asset for other departments. Janet has had an ongoing collaborative relationship with Sports Medicine and Hematology. All who have worked with Janet through the years know what a great loss she is to our department. Her many contributions cannot be immediately filled by one person. The various responsibilities have been divided among several people – all of whom have seen the pride and dedication Janet has brought to these roles and hope to be apt replacements.

Photo: Janet at her retirement party

Shortly after retiring, Janet celebrated her 35th wedding anniversary with her beloved husband Bob. She is looking forward to retired life, as she and Bob love to travel and spend time with their 10 (soon to be 11) grandchildren. She’s also looking forward to a slower pace of life, one where instead of writing and reviewing CME articles and ultrasound examination questions, she can now read books of her own choosing and focus on sewing. Janet, your friends and co-workers will miss you, however we are excited for you and your family to have this time together.

Contributed by Emily Harness, (RDMS, CNMT) and edited by Glenn Miñano, BFA.

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