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Treating Patients From All Over the World

Treating Patients From All Over the World

Imagine being hundreds of miles away from home with a sick child. You feel alone, afraid, and you don’t know where to turn or who to talk to. Well, at Cincinnati Children’s, we see patients from all over the world, including from over 40 different countries!

DSC_0804_610Photo: ALVIN (All Languages Video Interpreter Network)

There are so many resources the hospital offers to families that speak different languages, practice different religions, and require special dietary requests. In the Radiology Department, we are able to assist with interpreting several languages using Interpreter Services. We have staff available that is able to come to your child’s appointment with you and assist in translating for registrations, exams, procedures and even results. We use iPads, a telephonic system, and a new portable computer system called the ALVIN (All Languages Video Interpreter Network) to help with interpreting, too. The ALVIN allows patients and their family members to talk face-to-face with medically certified language interpreters via a computer monitor and webcam. We have child life specialists, too, that are able to assist in calming and comforting both patients and families.

Sometimes there are families that are hearing and/or visual impaired that need to come to Radiology as well. We have interpreters that use sign language to communicate. We allow service animals to be with their patients in our registration areas. We are able to assist in obtaining clergy members of any religion to help families that may need it. For example, there may be a case where the child may need anesthesia and the clergy member is here to lend support and prayers.

13_CHILD LIFE_child life-_blog20160118_341Photo: Child Life Specialist staff

No matter what you may need, we at Cincinnati Children’s are committed to our patients’ safety and care and we will do anything to help them. No matter how far away from home you are, we will do everything we can to make you and your child feel comfortable.

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