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The Latest on Liberty

The Latest on Liberty

A few weeks ago I gave everyone the “Heads Up on Liberty” MRI and the upcoming temporary closures for construction. The dates given in the previous blog article had to be vague because nothing was set in stone. Well, the dates have been set. As of May 24th, the MRI department located at Liberty Township will be unavailable until July 24th. Although the convenience of Liberty Township maybe be temporarily out of commission, the MRI department at Green Township will be opening their availability on Wednesdays in an attempt to lessen the trouble. Once again, please forgive us for any issues brought on by this upgrade process.

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About the author: Tony Dandino

Tony is an MRI Technologist at Cincinnati Children’s. Tony has been in his role for several years and serves as a Charge Tech, Quality Improvement Coach and Safety Coach for the MRI department. Tony has always known he wanted to work with children and in the medical field. Working at Cincinnati Children's has been the best of both worlds. Every day is something new and Tony can never wait to start the next adventure.