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Text Messaging Teamwork in the Radiology Department

Text Messaging Teamwork in the Radiology Department

The Cincinnati Children’s Radiology blog has kept you in the know on how our Radiology Department utilizes technology to create both a better experience for our patients and a more efficient environment for the entire imaging process. Back in February, we introduced our text message communication procedure. Today, we deliver an average of 4,300 text messages a month and have enrolled over 50% of our Radiology patient population have opted into the texting system.

The ability to send text messages has been in our households for years now, but it was a relatively slow technology to reach our area of the hospital. It was not until we received motivational feedback from our NRC surveys (surveys sent to patients and families to assess overall experience and appointment details) that we finally felt the push to integrate this “new” technology into our standard imaging practice.

In an effort to better inform our families as to how and when they will get their test results, we started texting families the information. The Radiology Department has attempted other practices in the past, but text messaging seems to be the most effective.

Please be aware that no one is automatically linked to our text message system; rather opting into the system is required. This can be completed in two different ways: 1) when registering with the Radiology Department for the first time, you will be asked about our texting option, or 2) the option can be changed/selected at any time through your MyChart account.

Ninety minutes after a patient checks into Radiology, a text message is sent directly to them (if they have opted into receiving text messages). It reads, “Radiology results will be sent to your doctor. You can also see results with a MyChart account. See clinic registration staff to sign up.” Our messaging system simply relays how to receive your results, not what your results are. For any further details on imaging results, you must talk with your doctor.

Since instituting the text message system, confusion has reduced and NRC scores have increased. It’s just another success story of patients, parents, and the Radiology Department working together with technology to change the outcome.

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About the author: Tony Dandino

Tony is an MRI Technologist at Cincinnati Children’s. Tony has been in his role for several years and serves as a Charge Tech, Quality Improvement Coach and Safety Coach for the MRI department. Tony has always known he wanted to work with children and in the medical field. Working at Cincinnati Children's has been the best of both worlds. Every day is something new and Tony can never wait to start the next adventure.