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Stories of Remembrance

Stories of Remembrance

Photo: Dr. Sally O’Hara, Tracey Adams and Dr. Dianne Babcock

As we celebrate this week’s retirement of Radiology’s ultrasound manager, Tracey Adams, fellow faculty and staff members share some of their thoughts and stories with us. After 39 years of service to Cincinnati Children’s, Tracey Adams has surely left a mark with her co-workers.

Best story that I have of Tracey is when I first came back to Cincinnati in 2000, she and I went to a seminar in Chicago. We flew up there and were all excited to take in the city, only to find out that the seminar was at a dreary airport hotel! So we decided to venture out on our own after the seminar and take the train into the city for deep dish pizza and shopping. The nearest train station turned out to be difficult to access by foot – farther than we expected – had to walk over a highway overpass on a cold and windy day. Tracey had never taken the subway, so getting our fare cards was an experience – then she was amazed at “all the different people” riding the train, especially as we passed through some sketchy areas of town. She kept staring at the crazy people and I kept trying to distract her with things outside the window. We finally did make it to the city, had delicious pizza and shopped. I explained that she should not make eye contact with the individuals on the train and on the way home; she stared at her feet the whole way! It was a crazy fun afternoon with her that I will never forget!

She is great to work with because she treats everyone fairly, is a good listener and keeps the patients’ needs first. She is strong willed, smart and determined, but will also tear up when talking with co-workers about losing a patient for whom we have cared over many years. I will miss her expertise and friendship.

-Sally O’Hara, MD


TRACEY 015_915Photo: Tracey Adams and Andrea Essert

There is a fine line between friend and manager that Tracey has walked with perfection. I will miss her as our manager but even more as my friend.

-Andrea Essert


There is so much to say, it’s hard to put it in words. Tracey has been a great boss, mentor, and friend. We started with such a small group that has grown into a huge department. So many things have changed over the years too. Our equipment, personalities, and families have grown. I don’t know how Tracey stayed sane!! But through it all, she has remained a super person. I don’t think our department or I would be the same if it weren’t for her. Even though a patient’s dad called her “slurpy” (we were never sure what he meant), she will always be the BEST. She will truly be missed!

-Lori Muench

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