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Show Your True Colors Day!

Post Date: March 26, 2018
Show Your True Colors Day!

Earlier this month, we held a Create Your Own Custom Holiday Contest and our Radiology patients didn’t disappoint! Eight holiday nominees were presented, from Pickle Day to Valentine’s Day. The winner is Show Your True Colors Day!

Last Thursday, Radiology Department staff celebrated Show Your True Colors Day by wearing their true colors. This holiday is all about expressing yourself and appreciating and acknowledging our differences. The patient who created this holiday talked about people not being defined or judged by their differences, but instead being celebrated for them.

Here are some examples of our Radiology Staff celebrating Show Your True Colors Day:

Photo: One of our Radiography staff members wearing her true colors.
Photo: Ultrasound staff
Photo: Not to be outdone, an administrative support staff member shows her true colors.
Photo: Representing the faculty, Dr. Alex Towbin was colorful in his socks and tie.
Photo: Sally from CT, with her true colors.
Photo: MRI’s Jan wears purple, which is also the color of royalty.
Photo: Administration’s Sparkle doesn’t disappoint with her true colors.
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