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September Radiology Patient Experience Update

Post Date: October 4, 2022
September Radiology Patient Experience Update

How are we doing?

In August, 88.0% of the 349 families surveyed gave Radiology a positive score for “Overall rating of facility.”

The FY23 Goal is 92.0%

What’s New?

For the next several months, an additional open-ended question will be added to the PE Survey.

  • When respondents answer anything other than “yes, definitely” to the question about addressing worries and concerns, we’ll ask them what we could have done better.
  • The responses will help understand the patient and family perspective and guide improvement work.

Family Feedback

My son has ultrasounds every 3 months for several years. The tech we had this time was absolutely phenomenal. We just loved her! Also, I had our appointment date mixed up, so we showed up about 10 days too early and drove over 2 hours to get there. My son (nearly two years old) had been fasting all night. They squeezed us in so we didn’t have to waste the trip. That was so kind and just above and beyond. The entire staff at the hospital is great!

The technician doing the CT scan was awesome. I mentioned that my son needed to have blood work done. She went above and beyond to find out what he needed and then coordinated to have a nurse take his blood samples before she removed his IV. It made our visit so much more enjoyable. Thank you for such great customer service.

Anita was great! She explained everything she was going to do to my daughter, which was very comforting for a toddler. She was very efficient and informative during and after the exam. It was an overall excellent experience!

The techs who helped me out were really awesome and showed concern when I told them I was claustrophobic. I enjoyed doing my MRI with them. The experience was really nice!!

Dr. Yuan Li and Cathy, the radiology tech, were absolutely wonderful with my daughter. Since we aren’t from the area, Cathy even went and asked one of the radiologists about some good restaurants for us. It was worth traveling 2500 miles to start my daughter’s tests and appointments in Radiology.

Both of the nurses and Dr. Patel were fantastic. I would highly recommend them all.

Cincinnati Children’s continues to blow me away with outstanding care. The facility is impeccably clean and organized. My appointments were all ON TIME. And my child was entertained by clowns that were going through doing magic tricks. Enchanting experience for a long day of testing!

Check in process was great! The staff was incredibly nice. The radiology tech was extremely nice and very gentle with our sweet baby.

Michelle was excellent! She explained everything she was going to do and asked if we had any questions or concerns before and after the ultrasound.

Everyone was very welcoming, very professional, and explained the procedures to myself and my son, making us feel very comfortable. They gave us the opportunity to ask questions, and we felt overall that the visit was very positive. Well done putting the patient and the patient’s family at the center. Thank you.

What an amazing group of individuals.  Each nurse and the patient experience person were truly wonderful. It’s not easy to get a three-year-old to lay still for an IV and then a CT scan, but they were able to help my son feel relaxed and safe. Thank you for EVERYTHING!

 Our technician was completely amazing!!! My son is 16 and 6’2″. He was so embarrassed to be at Children’s Hospital and to be getting a very personal ultrasound. She was amazing! She made sure he was comfortable and gave him as much privacy as she could. I can’t thank her enough!

Heather was positively precious!  She put my daughter’s fears to rest.  She was extremely compassionate regarding the pain my daughter was experiencing. BLESSED!

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