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September Patient Experience: How are we doing?

Post Date: October 15, 2021
September Patient Experience: How are we doing?

In September, 90.8 % of the 358 families surveyed gave us a 9 or 10 for “Overall rating of the facility” 

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Radiology FY 22 PE Goal is 92.0% 9/10s “Overall Rating”

What’s New? 

At the end of each quarter, the Radiology Patient Experience Team will begin utilizing the rich survey feedback from families to award a radiology employee the “Radiology Family Recognition Award”. 


FEEDBACK: Recent Survey Comments 

  • The woman who took us back talked about the art on the walls and made a point of finding art by younger kids my daughter’s age. I also appreciated her sense of humor pointing out the sunset that looked a little like a taco. Overall, everyone was helpful and courteous. 
  • Patrick was very helpful in making my daughter understand the test. She has trouble staying still and he kept reassuring her that she was doing a great job. He made everything way less stressful. It was a good experience. 
  • The technicians were extremely nice & friendly, communicated clearly, & got us in & out quickly. We were sent over directly from our well child check with our pediatrician, so it was an unplanned visit, and things went very smoothly. I am very satisfied with our experience. 
  • Hi, unfortunately, I don’t know the names of anyone, but all the staff was great. We’re set from reception technician’s the nurses. Everyone was 10 out of 10. So thank you. I appreciate it. 
  • The 2 ladies that helped us with getting Kaitlyn’s MRA were fantastic. They helped Kaitlyn feel safe and cared for.  They even gave her a prize for being so brave.  We were so blessed to have them work with Kaitlyn! 
  • The X-ray tech was so friendly, fast, accurate, and made my child feel comfortable. We have had him before in the past and he is so good with kids!! He definitely takes his job serious and makes it fun. You have an amazing employee that’s for sure. 
  • Our ultrasound technologist Anne was very helpful and knowledgeable. She made me (and my child) feel comfortable for his first imaging experience at just 3 months old. 
  • Emily with child life, and Becky the technologist with child life. 
  • Every single person who helped a 6 year old who has ADHD get an MRI without putting her to sleep were serious rock stars! I really wanted to try for her to do this without getting stuck with a needle and they did just that. We absolutely love Cincinnati Children’s! Thank you to the nurse, the PCN, the Child Care Specialist, and the radio techs. Absolutely top notch and you couldn’t have made a mom any happier than that! Thank you! 
  • Erin my MRI tech was fantastic. She knew I was nervous and helped me to relax. She was friendly and professional. 
  • The ultrasound tech was very personable and very polite! She even gave me extra time to nurse my daughter to help her feel at ease! We’ve had this same tech twice now and she’s been wonderful. 
  • The X-ray tech was AMAZING she talked my four year through the entire procedure and when he started to cry because he was nervous she was able to help calm him down! 
  • The nurse that we had in Radiology, her name was Carrie, and it was spelled with a C, but I cannot remember her last name. She was wonderful. She helped answer all our questions. She was really calm, and patient with our daughter. We saw her both … or both Thursday, and Friday, mostly on Thursday, but we did see her at the end of the thing on Friday, and she was just really great. She made sure that all the confusion that we had from the previous phone calls in the week was all cleared up, and she addressed all of our concerns, and made sure all of our questions were answered, found the answers for us, and just highly, highly recommend her. We are very pleased with our experience in radiology because of her. 
  • Paige was very nice and helpful. She answered the questions we had and was very friendly. 
  • Renee did a great job. She explained what was going to happen, how it would happen, and then what she was looking for in a manner that was easy to understand. She kept my son calm and gave me appropriate time to care for him as needed during the procedure without rushing anything. I appreciated her patience and the time spent making sure I understood everything appropriately 
  • Everyone here is so kind and awesome I appreciate everyone who’s helped us. 

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Quality Improvement and Compliance Division, author; Glenn Miñano, BFA, editor; Meredith Towbin, copy editor 


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