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Saying Good-Bye to Tracey Adams, Part 1

Saying Good-Bye to Tracey Adams, Part 1

On April 28, the Radiology Department celebrated Tracey Adams’ 39 years of service as the ultrasound manager in the department of Radiology. During her time in ultrasound, she has grown the division from a staff of two to thirty-four. She has created a well-knit staff of capable sonographers that is one of the best in the state, if not the nation. Current and former co-workers attended to offer their well wishes.

A slideshow featuring Tracey’s Cincinnati Children’s career, friends and co-workers looped during the event. Current Ultrasound Division Director Dr. Sally O’Hara gave a speech and read some congratulatory letters from current and past radiologists-in-chief. Former Ultrasound Division Director Dr. Dianne Babcock also gave a congratulator speech. There were more than a few eyes full of tears when Tracey bid farewell.

Paula Bennett, who’s earned Tracey’s stamp of approval, will take over the ultrasound manager position.

Tracey has touched and positively affected many people throughout her career. A few have written some farewell notes featured below.


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Irreplaceable is the word I would use to describe Tracey Adams.

Time and time again I have seen her bring new technologists into our ultrasound family. One of my first impressions of this phenomenal leader was when I first started working at Cincinnati Children’s. I was amazed at the close-knit group of women that all seemed to get along like sisters more than co-workers, and at the top of it was Tracey, leading by example. She has truly become the cornerstone of this work family. It is very hard to imagine how things will be without seeing her here everyday – telling stories, sharing experiences, offering help.

The emotional ties that we have with her are endless and the professional contributions that she has given to the department are immeasurable. She has been at the helm through numerous changes – transforming a group of 2 or 3 to a team of 34, and into one of the best pediatric ultrasound departments in the nation.

She has been many things to us – friend, mentor, co-worker, mother figure, manager, so how do you replace that? The answer is simple: you can’t. I have been tasked with the impossible – replacing Tracey. I can only hope to try to live up to the wonderful example that she has set. For these reasons and many, many more Tracey is irreplaceable to us.

I will miss you. – Paula Bennett

DSC_1875Photo: (left-right), Paula Bennett, Tracey Adams and Dr. Dianne Babcock. Tracey passing the baton of leadership to Paula.DSC_1811 DSC_1821DSC_1836 DSC_1843 DSC_1846 DSC_1847

When I think of Tracey I think of people like Janet Beerman, Rose Martin, Dr. Babcock and Dr. Strife. I think what they all have in common is the fact that they are all irreplaceable! I feel so fortunate to have worked for Tracey and been a part of this ever-growing department.

Has anyone noticed that what happens in ultrasound stays in ultrasound? Nobody leaves because it’s a family and Tracey is the reason it’s a family. I will miss her so much but I’m so excited for her to get to enjoy this new chapter in her life!

-Michelle Gramke

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When I think of Tracey, I think of what a great friend, co-worker, and boss she is and has been for the 17 years I’ve worked at Cincinnati Children’s. She is a great teacher, always listens and is patient and kind. On a personal level I consider her a very good friend. Many years ago we went to Nashville, TN, for the AIUM and we really had a lot of fun together. She has always tried to be accommodating to our vacations, schedules, children’s sicknesses, etc. She has always been in our corner, fighting for us in regards to pay raises, call pay, working thirds and weekends, and many other things. She always “had our backs!” I will miss Tracey so much. I always look forward to seeing her when I come in to work. She is always smiling and is interested in our personal lives. She has been a great boss and I’ve always loved my job mainly because of her. I still can’t believe she’s really leaving us after all these years!!! I love her to pieces. 🙂


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