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Research and Administrative Fellowship Opportunities in Radiology

Post Date: August 25, 2021
Research and Administrative Fellowship Opportunities in Radiology

Cincinnati Children’s Radiology Department not only offers Clinical Fellowships opportunities, but Research and Administrative Fellowships as well. Normally, when one thinks of fellowships, it is the typical one-year comprehensive clinical program that covers all aspects of radiology and medical imaging. In our Radiology Department, qualified applicants can pursue one year of training in our Research and Administrative Fellowship Programs. 

Cincinnati Children’s Research Foundation organization has a rich history conducting innovative laboratory and clinical research to improve the care of children, investigate the outcomes of treatments, study health care systems and train the next generation of investigators. Participants work with nationally recognized radiology faculty such as Dr. Jonathan Dillman and Dr. Andrew Trout. 

Cincinnati Children’s offers a one-year Administrative Fellowship program, which offers participants the opportunity to develop an understanding of the administration and operations of a leading pediatric medical center, as well as practical experience relevant to a fellow’s field of study/work. The fellows are generally recent graduates of healthcare administration-related master’s degree programs or other master’s level-or-above degrees that also have background, experience, and interest in healthcare, or those currently enrolled in an MHA or MBA program requiring a one-year residency/fellowship. 

These two fellowships are but a few examples of the type of extra one-year training one can accomplish here at Cincinnati Children’s Radiology Department. Please visit our Radiology Fellowship website for more information. 


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