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Random Acts of Kindness Day

Random Acts of Kindness Day

The Department of Radiology is staffed with many kinds of “different” people from different parts of the country (world even), different backgrounds, different perspectives, and different stories all working towards the same mission- being “better together” for each other, our patients and their families and the community. Let’s be honest–sometimes the grind and ebbs of life can make being better together seem more difficult. But imagine for a moment if there was something all of us could do to bring a spark of joy into someone’s life; if a single, small act could soften the blow of a stranger’s hardship.

Radiologist-in-Chief Dr. Brian Coley shared a message with department staff on Thursday, February 15: “…Kindness can sometimes feel like it is in short supply. At work, everyone is very busy, and our focus understandably can become very inward facing and we may treat the people we work with less kindly than we should or would like to. Current political and civil discourse is often anything but civil, and differences of opinion between people are often framed as deficits of intellect and honesty. Tragedies like yesterday’s school shooting seem to happen too often, and it is easy to get hardened and indifferent. But what we do as individuals, even in small ways (maybe especially in the small ways) can make a difference….”

Saturday, February 17 was National Random Acts of Kindness Day. I remember a few years ago a perfect stranger paying for my gas. I was stunned and ran back outside to ask why and thank her. She said, “Today is National Random Acts of Kindness Day. Tag, you’re it.” I didn’t just feel kindness, I felt love and gratitude and joy. The day just seemed so much brighter and I couldn’t wait to perform my own random act of kindness.

In the spirit of kindness, Dr. Coley provided an unexpected shipment of delicious cookies to staff along with words of encouragement. The smiles and positivity that were flowing as a result made me think what the world would look like if every single person celebrated this day. What if National Random Acts of Kindness Day was every day? Take a moment to think about it and then do something kind for someone today and spread the joy!

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About the author: Alex Towbin

Alex is a radiologist and the Neil D. Johnson Chair of Radiology Informatics. In this role, he helps to manage the information systems used by the Radiology department. Clinically, Alex is the Assistant Director of thoracoabdominal imaging. His research interests include liver disease, liver tumors, inflammatory bowel disease, and appendicitis.