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Radiology’s Own Natalie Jablonski Receives the Patient and Family Experience All Star Award for FY2022

Radiology’s Own Natalie Jablonski Receives the Patient and Family Experience All Star Award for FY2022

The Center for Patient and Family Experience selected Natalie Jablonski, child life specialist, to receive a Patient and Family Experience All Star Award for FY2022. Natalie has been identified for this recognition category based on the impressive and extraordinary feedback she routinely receives from the patients and families she serves.   

This year the Center for Patient and Family Experience hosted Cincinnati Children’s Patient and Family Experience Week 2022 July 25 through 29, highlighting the annual award winners.  


To learn more on what patients and families are saying about Natalie, please read the comments below. 

Natalie helped calm my daughter and us. She explained things so that my daughter could understand. She helped encourage, distract, and calm my daughter. She was AMAZING! Not anyone could perform that job with such care, compassion, and expertise. I am truly thankful for the care my daughter received at Children’s, and Natalie is a primary reason why I recommend that location to anyone who asks. My wife and I trust her and feel so confident in her ability to make a connection, build trust with the child, and deliver expert care. My wife and I want someone to know how much we love her and how valued she is in the care of our children at the hospital. That woman deserves recognition and a raise! THANK YOU for hiring people like Natalie in a role that other hospitals don’t understand or appreciate. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Natalie, who is a child life specialist in Radiology, was unreal amazing. So different from our home hospital in a different state. Everything—all the testing that she had at the Liberty facility, how great everyone was, Natalie—blew me away. She completely put my 13-year-old daughter at ease when she was having a test done. We had a great experience. 

Natalie with child life is such an amazing person. Thanks to her, my child was happy and comfortable during this appointment and procedure. My son always gets very anxious and acts out at hospitals/doctor offices because of all the appointments and surgeries he’s had recently. I was so thankful that this time was different. It made a world of a difference for everyone, especially myself and my son. I can honestly say this was the best experience I have ever had with Children’s hospital, and I contribute 99% of the reason to Natalie with child life. 

Natalie, the child life specialist, she was amazing! For my son and myself! Thank you! 

Congratulations, Natalie, on your well-deserved award! 



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