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Radiology’s Own Light Show

Radiology’s Own Light Show

There’s a good possibility that a majority of us saw some sort of firework light show this past July 4. Fireworks were originally used in ancient times for aesthetic and entertainment purposes. Here at Cincinnati Children’s Radiology Department, we have our own various light shows in helping with imaging exams.

We use these multiple light aids to reduce agitation and anxiety in our patients, but they can engage and delight as well. Below are a few examples of the different types of light shows we have at our disposal.

Inexpensive Handheld Light ToyDSC_1960-263_blog20160705
It doesn’t have to be the most high-tech device to entertain and engage our young patients. A simple handheld light toy can sometimes do the job.

Interactive ProjectorDSC_3973_blog20160705
In our Radiology Waiting/Registration we have multiple areas to entertain and keep our families/patients occupied. One of these distractions is our interactive projector. The moving images are projected onto the floor. Stepping on the projected images makes the objects move or react in some sort of way.

SNOZELEN Projector DSC_8601_blog20160705Our SNOZELEN light projector displays a variety of images on the ceiling, walls or cameras. A slow rotating transparent disc containing various images illuminates the ceiling or inside the bore of an imaging camera.

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SNOZELEN Bubble TubeDSC_8631_blog20160705A bubble tube features changing lights, colors and fiber optics for visual and touchable stimulation.


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