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Radiology Says Farewell to Dr. Andrew Zbojniewicz

Radiology Says Farewell to Dr. Andrew Zbojniewicz

Earlier this week, the Radiology Department gave Dr. Andrew Zbojniewicz a farewell luncheon. Dr. Zbojniewicz took a position with Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to be close to family and friends. Friends, faculty and staff stopped by to wish him good luck.


Dr. Tal Laor spoke about how Dr. Zbojniewicz came to the department as a fellow from West Virginia. His fellowship only lasted for only six weeks, but it was enough to impress the faculty on how intelligent, fun and an all-around nice guy he was. The department was lucky enough to acquire him after his fellowship, and for the next six-plus years he elevated the Musculoskeletal Division to what it is today.

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His parting gift was a crystal desk clock, an inside joke, because he was often late. In fact, he was even late to his own going-away party.

He has made a lot of lifelong friends here at Cincinnati Children’s and will be missed for sure.

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