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Radiology Safety Award Recognizes Amanda Wallingford

Radiology Safety Award Recognizes Amanda Wallingford

Amanda Wallingford, an Interventional Radiology safety coach, was recently given the Safety Award for this fiscal quarter. Safety coaches are Radiology employees who have a passion for safety. As coaches they educate employees on expected safety behaviors. They also help roll out safety initiatives and act as safety resources and role models in their respective Radiology subsections.


The Safety Award is given quarterly to the Radiology employee who receives the most safety related Above and Beyonds nominations. Above and Beyonds are given to employees by their peers to recognize them for their efforts going “above and beyond” the call of duty. Here are Amanda’s Above and Beyonds:

“Thank you for your work on developing the ultrasound competency for the Interventional Radiology (IR) staff. Your expertise and attention to detail supports the efforts of IR every day. Thank you.”

“Great job today, Amanda and Judy, preventing a case from beginning without the proper Time Out. Great safety catch!” (The goal of the “Time Out” process is to introduce a brief pause prior to the procedure that is used to confirm patient identity, procedure type and anatomical location, in order to prevent wrong patient, wrong procedure or wrong location errors from occurring.)


Amanda received a beautiful keepsake plaque, sweet treats and a ceramic pig. She will have her name placed on the Safety Award plaque in our conference room.

Congratulations, Amanda, and thank you for keeping our patients safe!

Contributed by Julie M. Dickerson MST, BSN, RN, CPN and edited by Glenn Miñano.

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