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Radiology Puts on a New Face Thanks to Grant

Radiology Puts on a New Face Thanks to Grant

Earlier this year, the Radiology Department of Cincinnati Children’s was awarded the AHRA and Toshiba “Putting Patients First” grant to improve some of the spaces that our families and children spend time in before they have imaging performed.

Environment and preparation is tied to the success of a child or young adult tolerating their imaging. Our goal is to provide all our patients and families with a positive environment that feels welcoming, safe and calm. It is also important that we provide a space that works well for our staff by assuring necessary medical equipment is easily accessible while at the same time lessening its focus for the patients and families.

old prep rm 1_DSC_1085Photo: Before renovation. 

renovated prep rm 1_DSC_1363Photo: After renovation

We used the “Putting Patients First” grant funding to update our two imaging prep rooms that were described in patient surveys as “outdated,” “chaotic,” “cluttered,” “impersonal” and “depressing.” Both rooms had plain white walls and a multitude of medical items and medical signage mounted to the walls. The rooms also had outdated TVs and VHS tape players, a lack of activities for the children, and adult-sized seating.

old prep rm 1_DSC_1088Photo: Before renovation. 

renovated prep rm 1_DSC_1357Photo: After renovation.

With the grant, we were able to refresh the two imaging preparation rooms with warm and friendly paint colors, add interactive “Seek and Find” wall art in each room, update the TVs, and add child-sized seating and activities. Since the refresh, our patient surveys now describe the rooms as “cheerful,” “modern,” “friendly,” “welcoming,” and “uplifting.”

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About the author: Wendy Bankes

Wendy is a Project Manager for the department of Radiology. Wendy has worked at Cincinnati Children's for over 6 years and has a passion for improving patient and employee satisfaction. Wendy is happily married to Tim Bankes and they have been blessed with two adorable daughters. Wendy enjoys spending time with her family and friends as well as volunteering with kids.