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Radiology Patient Experience Monthly Update for August

Post Date: September 19, 2023
Radiology Patient Experience Monthly Update for August

How are we doing?

In July 91.8% and in August 90.3% of families surveyed gave Radiology a positive score for “Overall rating of facility.”

The FY24 Goal is a 92.0% positive score.

Family Feedback

  • The Child Life nurse was absolutely amazing and really calmed my daughter, making her feel at ease. As a matter of fact, this was the first time my daughter didn’t cry or feel scared. She even held her own mask while being put under! My child woke up saying she wanted her play nurse and wishes she could have said goodbye. Kudos to this nurse!
  • Angie was amazing with our daughter and made us feel very comfortable right away. She gave my daughter several helpful suggestions as drinking the contrast became harder.
  • Katie and the other MRI techs who worked with my daughter made sure she was comfortable so that we were able to successfully do her MRI without sedation.
  • Keira Walton was absolutely AMAZING!!!! She was the nuclear medicine tech, for the MIBG scan we had. We had her the day my son received the injection and the next day. We explained to her how difficult it is to give my son an IV and she listened and talked to my son, even though he’s nonverbal, and was so caring. She was able to calm him and she was so good. Then the next day when we came for the scan, she made sure to pop in and see how he was doing. She listened to us and even passed along our concerns to the anesthesiologist. Then after the scan, she waited in the hallway just to see how my son did after he woke up. She was just absolutely amazing.
  • Molly the ultrasound tech did her job with such genuine kindness and ease. She is clearly an expert who truly cares for her patients.
  • Karen in MRI is wonderful. Our daughter has big anxiety and she helped facilitate and accommodate her needs in a caring way. I talked to her over the phone several times before the procedure to get our questions answered. She is the absolute best!!
  • The team that did the test was outstanding. The child support specialist explained the procedure to our daughter with great care and the radiologist and tech were very calm and supportive the whole time.  We knew exactly what was happening and why and, while it wasn’t pleasant, they did everything possible to make us comfortable.
  • I have told almost everyone I speak with, friends and Children’s staff, that I am so glad my daughter is in this excellent facility with the superb physicians and caring, attentive staff. I do truly feel you all deserve the 10/10 rating! Thank you so very much for making me feel you are taking the BEST care of my daughter.
  • We have a lot of appointments, so I don’t normally do this, but Emma the tech was AMAZING! So good with our son who is a former micropreemie. She was kind, quick, and had us in and out faster than I’ve been seen. She was a hero, and I’d like about 50 more of her!
  • Everyone from check-in to walking me to the exit were wonderful. They identified themselves and talked TO/WITH me not AT me. They told me everything that was happening or going to happen and kept checking on my well-being prior to and throughout the test. Wonderful experience. Very pleasant techs.
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About the author: Dianne Hater

Dianne Hater is our patient and family advocate. She comes to work every day with a smile on her face, with the primary goal of enhancing the radiology experience for patients and their families. Her initial responsibilities were focused around improving the waiting room experience, answering patient and family questions while they waited, providing information about hospital policies, and connecting families with financial and social assistance programs. She worked closely with the registration personnel, technologists, and patients when issues arose with respect to imaging instructions, other same-day appointments and imaging delays.

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