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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the New Erckenbrecher MRI Location

Post Date: September 20, 2018
Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the New Erckenbrecher MRI Location

Q: What is the name of the new MRI location and where is it located?
A: The official name is Erkenbrecher MRI and it is located at: 3404 Burnet Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45229. This location is on the corner of Burnet and Erkenbrecher Avenues, diagonal from our main hospital and across the street from the Ronald McDonald House.

Q: Is there a phone number to call if I have questions?
A: (513) 636-1320

Q Is there a map on how to get to the Erkenbrecher MRI location?
A: Yes! See the image below, or click on the image go to Google Maps.

Q: Is parking available at the Erkenbrecher MRI location?
A: Yes! If you have another appointment at our Burnet Campus before your scheduled MRI time, please follow parking instructions for that location. We recommend you then drive to 3404 Burnet Avenue for your MRI appointment by following these instructions:

From the main Cincinnati Children’s Burnet visitor parking area:
• Turn left onto Burnet Avenue
• Go straight through the first light at Erkenbrecher Avenue
• Turn right into the next driveway to enter Erkenbrecher MRI

If your MRI is your only appointment for the day, please park at the Erkenbrecher MRI location. There is a 2-hour time limit for these parking spots; vehicles may not remain in this parking lot all day and they are reserved for MRI patients only.

If the Erkenbrecher MRI parking spaces are full, you can park next door at the 3430 Burnet Avenue garage, accessible from Northern Avenue. Out of the temporary lot, turn right, then turn right onto Northern Avenue, then turn right again into the patient parking garage.

Q: How long will the Erkenbrecher MRI location be in service?
A: We anticipate using the Erkenbrecher MRI location until the spring of 2019. We will be sure to keep you updated on any changes in the future.

Q: Why are some MRI scan appointments being moved during the construction?
A: The two major issues facing MRI imaging in the Department of Radiology are: (1) vibrations associated with the movement and use of heavy construction equipment around the outside of the MRI unit, and (2) compromising the uniformity of the magnetic field within the MRI system. You can check out these articles from our medical physicists for more details!

Q: Will I be getting the same high-quality scan that I’m used to?
A: Yes! The Erkenbrecher MRI location will house the same type of MRI scanners we have at our other locations and will be staffed by the same technologists and radiologists you have grown to know.

Q: What types of MRI exams are being done at the Erkenbrecher MRI location?
A: The Erkenbrecher MRI location will be used for all types of outpatient MRI scans that do not require anesthesia. 

Q: What are my other Cincinnati Children’s MRI options?
A: Our Liberty Township, Green Township and Kenwood MRI locations will continue to offer their top-notch services throughout these changes. The construction at our Burnet (Base) location will not affect these locations. If your child needs anesthesia or sedation for his or her MRI, we will have appointments available at the Burnet and Liberty Township locations.


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About the author: Alyssa McAfee

Alyssa is a CT/MRI Coordinator for the Radiology department at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. She had always dreamed of working at Cincinnati Children’s and made that dream a reality when she joined the team in 2015. Alyssa is involved in many different committees and projects within the Radiology department and looks forward to every day at work as a new adventure!