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Radiology Medical Writer + CincySings

Post Date: May 29, 2019
Radiology Medical Writer + CincySings

Our medical writer, Gail Pyne-Geithman, knows a thing or two about the benefits of music in the workplace. Before joining Radiology in fall 2014, Gail and a colleague at the University of Cincinnati designed and implemented a senior-level course marrying neuroscience and music, which is taught out of College-Conservatory of Music. Now she is able to be a part of bringing this concept into the Cincinnati Children’s workplace. 

You are probably all aware of the annual choir games, where choirs sing and compete to represent Cincinnati Children’s in the city-wide CincySings event at Music Hall. Gail has represented Radiology in the winning choir three years out of the last four, including 2019 and, this year, as part of the Million Dreams Choir led by Brian Wildman (Patients Services).

While there has long been a music therapy program at Cincinnati Children’s for patient treatment and rehabilitation, recent research supports a role for employee wellness associated with choral singing, both for participants and the audience. Since winning a special award for “Best Message” at CincySings, members of the 18-strong choir have performed at various events, including Patient Services Performance Leadership team meeting, Ruth Lyons Day, Nurses Week Award ceremony, and most recently, the inaugural Mental Health Specialist Recognition ceremony at College Hill

Now renamed to Quad C (Cincinnati Children’s Choral Collective), the choir will continue to recruit members, expand their repertoire and perform throughout the year. 

Gail says:

“It is a real pleasure to sing with this diverse group of talented people, and to bring the joy of music into the workplace. I also enjoy representing Radiology in this institution-wide effort”.

Next up: the National Anthem at Great American Ballpark for Employee Appreciation, Sunday July 21st!

Contributed by Gail Pyne-Geithman and edited by Glenn Miñano, BFA.

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