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Radiology Equipment Gets an ‘Imaging Make-Over’

Radiology Equipment Gets an ‘Imaging Make-Over’

When a child needs an imaging procedure, there is no better place than the Radiology and Medical Imaging Center at Cincinnati Children’s. Every year the excellent staff in our Radiology Department support patients and families through over 200,000 imaging procedures. The equipment used for that imaging is an important part of the care we provide. All of the specialized cameras are state of the art and designed for the safety of pediatric patients. But not all equipment is decorated in a “kid-friendly” way. This is about to change with an “Imaging Make-Over” made possible by the generous $20,000 gift from the Co-operative Society of Cincinnati Children’s.  

More than 5,500 procedures are done in fluoroscopy rooms where radiologists use live-action cameras to help diagnose and care for issues related to the bladder and kidneys, swallowing function, the digestive tract, specialized feeding tubes and emergent situations that may require surgery.

Photo: Stark and plain fluoroscopy room, without design decal artwork on the cameras

The equipment in these rooms is necessary and practical but can be overwhelming because it looks so stark. The fluoroscopy machines are large and become the main focus, often frightening young children or creating misconceptions about the procedure. This sterile room environment has become a challenge to overcome when attempting to provide patient-friendly and supportive care.  

Photo: CT and nuclear medicine scan rooms with with kid-friendly decal artwork on the machines

The “Imaging Make-Over” Grant from the Co-operative Society will fund specially designed decals for the fluoroscopy cameras, creating procedure rooms with cohesive themes. The decorative decals will draw positive attention to the equipment, helping to build trust and lessen anxiety for patients and families. This will be a tool staff can use to help connect, build relationships and prepare for what to expect. Results from our patient experience surveys repeatedly show that families care most about how our staff and department made them feel during their appointment.  This “Imaging Make-Over” of our fluoroscopy rooms will further reflect our commitment to supporting each patient’s comfort with friendly and compassionate care.

The Co-operative Society’s mission to “enrich the services and environment of CCHMC” will be directly enacted through this “Imaging Make-Over. When patients and families are more engaged and motivated they are more calm and cooperative. This allows our staff to get better imaging, which ultimately improves patient care. Thank you for this generous gift that will positively impact Radiology patients and families for years to come!


Glenn Miñano, BFA, editor; Meredith Towbin, copyeditor.

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About the author: Alex Towbin

Alex is a radiologist and the Neil D. Johnson Chair of Radiology Informatics. In this role, he helps to manage the information systems used by the Radiology department. Clinically, Alex is the Assistant Director of thoracoabdominal imaging. His research interests include liver disease, liver tumors, inflammatory bowel disease, and appendicitis.