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Radiology Employees’ Reflect on Cincinnati Walk for Kids

Post Date: June 6, 2022
Radiology Employees’ Reflect on Cincinnati Walk for Kids

Earlier in May of this year, some of our Radiology employees participated in the Cincinnati Walk for Kids to raise money to help advance cures and improve care for kids and families. Three of our employees gave their perspectives on the event. 

The Cincinnati Walk for Kids was such an amazing experience. This was my first year attending the walk. It was so much fun to walk around the zoo with two of my coworkers and see all the animals. More importantly, it was amazing to see all the kiddos and their families spending the day together and seeing all the kids’ faces light up because of all the different animals they saw. I plan to participate in the walk again next year! 

-Erin Maines 


My family and friends were so generous by contributing to the Cincinnati Walks for Kids. It was an honor to walk alongside my co-workers and the families that Cincinnati Children’s Hospital has impacted. My wish is that Cincinnati Walks for Kids brought joy to the Avondale area’s families, financial support to the families that need assistance, and comradery among our employees and their families.   

-Sharlene Adams 

Photo: (lf-rt) Lena Lai, Sharlene Adams and Erin Maines

Overall, I have had a wonderful time joining everyone for the walks. Seeing all the families and others doing something for a worthy cause is heartfelt. I was able to walk with my friends and encourage my family to share their support for the research and treatment for our kids, who need the care that they cannot get anywhere else. I am glad that I did it and hopefully I can continue to share my love with all that is needed.  

-Hien “Lena” Lai R.T.(R) 

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