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Radiology Discharge Instructions

Post Date: March 29, 2022
Radiology Discharge Instructions

What Are Radiology Discharge Instructions? 

The Radiology Department at Cincinnati Children’s offers general instructions for discharge after a Radiology procedure. 

If you have questions, contact us at 513-636-4251 (option 5) or 1-800-344-2462 (ext. 4251, then press 5). 

Going Home from the Hospital 

A transporter can help you with safely getting your child to the car (no buses after sedation). Children should not walk by themselves until they are stable on their feet. 

Activity After Discharge 

An adult must be with the child at all times until the child has returned to his/her/their usual state of alertness and coordination. 

After Anesthesia 

  • Your child may prefer a quiet activity for the rest of the day. 

After Sedation 

  • Your child may take a long nap. He/she/they may sleep up to 8 hours and may be drowsy and irritable for up to 24 hours after the sedation. 
  • When your child is asleep, you should be able to awaken him/her/them easily. 
  • Your child may be unsteady when walking or crawling and will need you or another adult to protect them from injury. 


For more helpful advice on what to do with your child after discharge, such as diet, instructions if vomiting and/or calling your doctor “if,” please visit our main cincinnatichildrens.org site at https://www.cincinnatichildrens.org/health/r/radiology-discharge. 


Contributions by Lois Curtwright, RN; Glenn Miñano, BFA, editor; Meredith Towbin, copy editor

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