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Radiology Celebrates the Holidays

Radiology Celebrates the Holidays

In the Radiology Department at Cincinnati Children’s, several of our divisions have been celebrating the season in their own special ways.

Our Radiogrpahy/Fluoroscophy division decorated a tall holiday tree and other holiday ornaments in their Quality Control (QC) area. The Ultrasound division decorated their QC area with their own holiday flair. The rest of the department held a holiday/christmas tree decoration contest. Nine divisions participated in decorating their own small trees and they were presented behind the registration desk for patients, families and employees, who could vote on which tree was the best. The winner was Quality Improvement and Compliance (QI) with their Charlie Brown tree.


Some of the administrative staff celebrated the holidays with crafts and a secret Santa party. Staff decorated cookies, made custom ornaments and exchanged gifts. The team randomly drew names for their secret Santa in November. Some of the presents were funny while others were sentimental, but all were so well thought out. By the end of the party, there had been tears, laughter, personalized ornaments that showcased everyone’s personality and yummy cookies covered in icing and sprinkles! How do you celebrate the holidays with friends?

Contributed by Sparkle Torruella (Regulatory Affairs Coordinator) and edited by Glenn Glenn Miñano, BFA.


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