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Radiology Awards The Winners of Patient Experience Week 2016

Radiology Awards The Winners of Patient Experience Week 2016

Photo: (lf-rt) Anne Johansing, Emily Mueller and Alicia Linstead.

Cincinnati Children’s Radiology celebrated Patient Experience Week last April. Not only do we honor our patients and families, but we recognize our healthcare staff as well. Three healthcare staff members were awarded prizes for the most received nominations from their peers. The winners were divided up into three categories: healthcare staff that were located at the Main Campus, Liberty Campus and outpatient satellites. The winners were Anne Johansing (Main Campus), Emily Mueller (Liberty Campus) and Alicia Linstead (outpatient satellites).

The winners were nominated by their peers through our Above and Beyond recognition system. The excerpts below are examples of their dedication to the hospital and to our patients and families.

Anne Johansing

  • Anne has an excellent rapport with patients and their families.
  • She is safety minded and always does what is best for the patients.
  • She is always dedicated to her work and taking the absolute best care of her patients, families and co-workers. She will come in on off days, stay late, comes in every day and works hard and with a positive attitude.
  • It truly is an honor to work with Anne.
  • I appreciate that she is so willing to help her peers without being asked and with no complaining. It makes a big difference! Thank you, Anne!
  • Thank you Anne for always being flexible and doing what is best for the department. You are a valued team member and we are lucky to have you.

Emily Mueller

  • Emily always goes above and beyond her normal duties at making sure everyone is up to date and well informed on newprotocols and how to keep our patients safe.
  • Emily is easily one of the best people we have here in Radiology. She always has a positive attitude when working with the patients, and treats them all with respect and safely images them. She communicates well with the patients and parents and lets them know what will be happening during the exam. She shows exceptional patience when working with more challenging patients. She works well with all her co-workers and makes sure that the exams and patients are well taken care of. I’ve even heard her singing to a patient during a fluoro exam to help calm them. She is an exceptional worker that sets an example to her peers, both new and veteran, that anyone could look up to.
  • Emily is always going above and beyond for patients, but she also is an advocate for her peers. She is a pleasure to work with!

Alicia Linstead

  • Alicia always goes above and beyond to help others, whether it is with patients or coworkers. Thanks for being AWESOME Alicia!!!!
  • Alicia always takes her time and goes above and beyond for every patient. She is extremely thorough with “4 Please.” Many times, she will call either a doctor’s office or our radiologist to verify a protocol needed. She will never just guess and assume what a patient needs. We are fortunate to have her on out team!

Contributions by Wendy Bankes, Project Manager.

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