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Please Ask Before Taking the Photo

Post Date: August 2, 2016
Please Ask Before Taking the Photo

Cincinnati Children’s is a great place to take your child for exceptional care and sometimes parents would like to take photos of their child receiving that care or an exam in our Radiology department. There are some rules that our patients and families must realize before they click that button on their phone or camera.

As a Media Specialist for the Radiology department, I always need to have a document called a “photo release form” signed by patients and/or their legal guardian when I take photographs of them. This allows me to use their picture for educational purposes, advertising for our department, etc.

Patients and their families are not required to sign photo release forms when taking pictures of their own children. Per hospital policy, parents are allowed to take photos, film or vocally record their own child. However, please use caution and avoid photographing, filming or recording any other child in a non-public setting.


Also, be mindful of our physicians, technologists, nurses, child life specialists, and other staff members – please ask before you photograph staff.

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About the author: Glenn Miñano

Glenn Miñano is a media specialist in the Department of Radiology, providing graphic design, photography, printing, video services, and administration of the department’s online properties. His works have been published in several medical articles, such as the American Journal of Radiology and the American Institute of Ultrasound. He has been providing these services to the Radiology Department since 1996.