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Patient Experience and MRI Safety Week Celebrations

Post Date: July 25, 2022
Patient Experience and MRI Safety Week Celebrations

This week our Radiology Department is celebrating two events at once. Patient Experience is a program set forth by Cincinnati Children’s Radiology Department to investigate and put into effect ways to make our patients’ and their families’ visit outcomes better. In the last week of July, we always commemorate MRI Safety Week in our department as well. We celebrate our MRI safety knowledge and our efforts towards MRI safety all week long. We will be celebrating accomplishments, reenergizing our efforts, and honoring everyone, both clinical and non-clinical, that impact Patient Experience and MRI Safety every day! 

Patient Experience events we focus on recognizing the nominees and winners of the Patient Experience Award, handing out small gifts to patients at all our locations, and distributing goodie bags to all Radiology employees. To release stress, interact, and get creative, each major Radiology satellite location has a large poster for employees to color in an outlined image. 

Patient Experience Week

MRI Safety events we have a daily include the “Is It Safe…” game that tests our MRI safety knowledge. The prize is a chance to win a $50 shopping spree at our hospital gift shop. Another daily event is “Match-the-Definition Game,” a word challenge game in which participants can win a candy bar. During the middle of the week, our own radiologist, Dr. Blaise Jones, will be giving an entertaining lecture on the reasons for and implementations of MRI safety. 

These events are not just to entertain our employees, but to acknowledge all the efforts we as a department have made to enhance the experience of our patients and their families. Also, we aim to maintain and improve upon a safe environment in our MRI area. 



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