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Patient and Family Advocate: Your advocate for a great experience

Patient and Family Advocate: Your advocate for a great experience

It’s normal for families who visit our department to have concerns before, during, and after their child’s imaging test. That’s why there’s a Radiology Patient and Family Advocate available to you and your family. She’s there to listen and respond to your questions, facilitate communication between your family and the Radiology and Anesthesia staff, offer supportive resources, and provide timely updates.

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Before the imaging study, you may question when you and your child will be called back or even if you need to remain in the waiting room. If your child is being imaged under anesthesia, you may want to know when your child has been taken to the recovery room. You’ll most likely have questions on how to get the results of the imaging study or even how to schedule your child’s next appointment. Because we know it’s normal to have so many questions, our Patient and Family Advocate is available to help you through the whole process.

We believe that by keeping you informed and listening to your concerns, we can improve the experience for your child and create a better outcome. The Patient and Family Advocate is just one way that the Radiology Department keeps you and your family at the center of the care we provide.


Contributed by Dianne Hater.

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About the author: Chris Alsip

Chris was the former Manager of Quality Assurance and Compliance for the Cincinnati Children’s Department of Radiology. He has a passion and dedication towards lowering radiation doses in pediatric imaging. Chris is married with two beautiful young daughters and loves spending every minute of his free time taking them to the zoo, museum, and any amusement park within driving distance.