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Our Interventional Radiology Team

Post Date: October 7, 2020
Our Interventional Radiology Team

Interventional Radiology (IR) at Cincinnati Children’s offers minimally invasive alternatives to some surgical procedures. Our interventional radiologist uses image guidance such as ultrasound, fluoroscopy, MRI, and CT to perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Our staff is committed to being the leader in image-guided, minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic medicine. As evidence, we perform more than 3,500 cases annually.

Photo: Interventional Radiology Access Representatives
Photo: Interventional Radiology Nurses with IR Clinical Manager, Laura Dickman, RN (second from left)

We start with our two access representatives who do all the scheduling of procedures. After their part in scheduling, our three IR nurses coordinate with patients and families to prepare them for the upcoming procedures. We have six IR technologists who assist the radiologists during procedures and run all the imaging equipment. Last but not least, our four interventional radiologists perform cases ranging from simple to complex. Combined, they have around 75 years of IR practical experience.

Photo: IR Technologists
Interventional Radiology

Each person in our IR team performs an integral role that serves our patients and families. Working together, we provide a safe, efficient and professional outcome.

Have a question or comment about interventional radiology? Visit our contact page or email us at radiology@cchmc.org.


Contributed by Laura Dickman, (IR Clinical Manager); Glenn Miñano, BFA, (editor); Meredith Towbin (copyeditor)

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