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October Radiology Patient Experience Update 2022

Post Date: November 14, 2022
October Radiology Patient Experience Update 2022

How are we doing? 

In September 90.7% of the 335 families surveyed gave Radiology a positive score for “Overall rating of facility.” 

The Radiology FY23 Goal is 92.0% 

What’s New for K-Cards? 

Beginning in October, the Patient Experience Coaches will be focusing on the section “After the Exam is Complete” and explaining how and when families can view their results. 

What Else? 

At September’s Radiology Patient Experience meeting, the team talked about ways to make work more FUN! 

Studies show making work fun can boost morale, reduce burnout, foster closer relationships with co-workers, and promote collaboration. 

IR Staff, Tea Party in honor of Queen Elizabeth
Tea Party in honor of Queen Elizabeth

Family Feedback

The ultrasound tech was AMAZING! She was very thorough and super sweet to our baby girl! She ensured our girl was comfortable and calm throughout the duration of her scan and she made sure to explain everything along the way and keep my husband and me informed! 

The two women were so kind and helpful. My little guy was nervous, and they helped him with a movie. He did great!! They gave him toy cars. What a kind gesture; my son was so happy. I really appreciate them letting us know of the early cancelation and understanding that he was nervous allowing me sit beside him. How truly kind! 

The technicians were so kind and professional! I felt very comfortable in the environment, and they ensured that I remained comfortable throughout the entire MRI. I would definitely recommend and go back if needed for further care! 

Registration was done quickly and efficiently. The ultrasound tech, Molly, was wonderful, very experienced, and explained the ultrasound as it was going on. She told us how to get results and wished us well. She’s very good at her job; we greatly appreciated her friendliness. 

I was a nervous wreck with this being the first time my son had to be put to sleep for an MRI. The staff was so kind and walked me through every step. When I started crying while they had the mask on my child’s face, they were rubbing my back, and one of them even had her hand on my shoulder. I really needed that. I really appreciate everyone that was a part of my son’s care that day. Thank you for all you do. 

Catherine from Child Life and Lindsay, the technician, was amazing. Catherine spent all the time needed to explain the procedure and answered all of our questions. Lindsay also answered any questions we had. Ryan performed the procedure and was calm, talking to her the entire time. I really can’t say enough good things about the employees we dealt with. 

 Everyone involved was super caring and very good at explaining everything to us. They went above and beyond to make my little girl feel comfortable and safe. As a parent, I don’t believe there is any way ya’ll could have eased my stress and worry, but the attempts were recognized and appreciated. 

The MRI tech was extremely kind, understanding, and helpful. She asked if I needed anything and kept making sure I was okay before, during, and after my scan, and even when I had a problem with bleeding after my IV was removed, she made sure I was all right and that I didn’t pass out or fall back. 

Liz, Madi, Emily and Sidney were great! They made sure my daughter knew exactly what to expect and made sure she was comfortable. 

Heather the Radiology tech was very patient with my boy. I could tell pediatrics was a field she was called to do. Thank you, Heather, for making this MRI as easy as possible. 

Quality Improvement Division, author; Glenn Miñano, BFA, editor; Meredith Towbin, copy editor

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