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Not Just A Large Conference Room

Not Just A Large Conference Room

In the Radiology Department here at Cincinnati Children’s, we are lucky enough to have our own Large Conference Room. It’s a room used regularly for radiology clinical conferences and associated department meetings. However, our department has used that room for other events and occasions. The room is, as the saying goes, a “Jack of all trades, master of none.”

On normal occasions we use the room for clinical conferences, such as the Vascular Malformation, Surgery, and Neuroradiology Conferences. These clinical conferences typically involve a collaboration of hospital staff, physicians, technologists, and nurses along with our own radiologists and radiology staff. They discuss interesting medical cases, treatment of injuries relating to sports, departmental policies and more.

DSC_0787_915 Photo: Quality improvement staff demonstrating the ALVIN system to one of our reading room assistants.

DSC_1770_915 Photo: Patient Experience Week event.

It’s not all conference work that happens in this room. It’s also used for teaching seminars and holding department celebrations. We have used the room to show and teach our radiology staff the ALVIN system, which is a portable computer used to help with language interpretation; showcase new ultrasound machines from our vendors; conduct central venous catheter training; and host lectures from visiting professors, holiday events, retirement parties, farewell parties and much more.

DSC_2714_915Photo: Farewell event for departing radiologist Dr. Luke Linscott.

In our department we have numerous resources, and our Large Conference Room is one that that gets used a lot! There is much history in this room; it has given us knowledge and comfort. You could say it is the center of activity in our department.

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