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Take a Peek at Our Newly Renovated Radiology Large Conference Room

Post Date: October 9, 2018
Take a Peek at Our Newly Renovated Radiology Large Conference Room

It took two months of renovations, but our Radiology Large Conference Room is finally done. Our main task was to relocate and reschedule all of the weekly meetings in the room. This was not an easy task, since the temporary meeting rooms had to have certain requirements: PC, projector, conference phone, network connection, etc. With the help of the Reading Room assistants, we were able to set up the meetings in the various rooms around the hospital campus for our faculty and staff.

Photo: New chairs and added tables for attendees.

We have new chairs and slim tables as well as acoustic sound panels on the walls and ceiling tiles. A new podium has more table top space and all of our AV equipment is located inside of it. The high-end projector has been replaced with another high-end projector that uses a laser (instead of a bulb) to project the image on to the screen. The two conference cameras were updated to work better in low-light conditions. A digital clock was installed in the back of the room allowing speakers to keep time.

Photo: Laser projector, new remote conference camera (lower left) and digital clock for the speaker to keep time (lower left).
Photo: New longer podium. The light brown panels on the walls are sound dampening acoustic panels.
Photo: Large touch pad controller and remote microphones. The old style phone is for the Emergency Department to use in case the digital connection is not responding. The phone is a direct analog copper wire line to the outside world.

The main renovation of the room was the sound system. The microphones have been upgraded on the ceiling and the podium. There are now two handheld microphones for audience members to speak into. This has made a big impact on people who are off site listening in.

On the back side of the room is a control center for recording the meetings. We digitally record our meetings with a system called Mediasite; the finished product is a presentation that shows the slides and/or presenter at the same time. The recordings are stored on a server that viewers can access at any time on their computers, tablets and phones. Also, there is a second control panel so that the person can remotely resolve any technical issues without having to go to the podium.

Photo: Controller center for recordings.

The Emergency Department’s section features a new 72” wide screen monitor for remote conferencing, a dedicated analog phone line, several data connections around the room and storage in the back. The small tables can be rearranged to accommodate their needs for the room. During a catastrophic event, our conference room also acts as the main control center for emergencies, hence the partnership with the Emergency Department.

Photo: 72″ remote conference monitor.

Speaking of storage, the old cabinets in the back that used to hold all of our AV systems have been removed and rebuilt. The old wall paper was removed to make way for a more up-to-date contemporary design that is more in line with the hospital.

We’re proud to now have a room that technologically, ergonomically and aesthetically meets the needs of our faculty, staff, the hospital’s AV group and Emergency Department.

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