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New Fall Employees in Radiology 

New Fall Employees in Radiology 

Our Radiology family keeps on growing. We’ve added some more employees to our ranks in this latter half of the year.

Emily Radcliff 

Hi! My name is Emily Radcliff, and I am from Columbus, Ohio. My fondest memories from growing up were cheering on The Ohio State Buckeyes every fall.  

I graduated from the AMIT program at the University of Cincinnati in August. I have always known I wanted to work with kids and in healthcare. I found radiology the most interesting field while career shadowing in high school. Working at a Children’s Hospital has always been my dream, and what better place than here at Cincinnati Children’s!  

In my free time, I love to spend time with friends and family, try new restaurants, and read. The last book I read was The Couple Next Door. I am very excited to be part of the team! 

Gabriella (Gabby) Trees 

Hi! I’m Gabriella (Gabby) Trees. I am originally from Columbus, Ohio. Some of my fond memories growing up in my hometown were going to my volleyball tournaments, fishing in our neighborhood pond, and riding my bike anywhere I could.  

I decided to go into the medical field because I love learning about the human body, and I want to help people. I went to school at the University of Cincinnati for four years; two years of my time there was spent in the medical imaging program, where I completed MRI and nuclear medicine. 

I always knew I wanted to work with kids, but I fell in love with Cincinnati Children’s as soon as I walked in. I am so excited to be part of the team and make an impact. My hobbies are cycling, enjoying the outdoors, and learning to cook and bake. The last movie I saw was Top Gun Maverick and the last book I read was The Summer I Turned Pretty

Madi Huber 

Hi, my name is Madi Huber. I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. A memory I cherish about growing up in this city was rowing for the Cincinnati Junior Rowing Club (CJRC). We would have 4:45 am practices on the Ohio River, where we would watch the sunrise over the skyline.  

I recently graduated from the University of Cincinnati Advanced Medical Imaging Technology (AMIT) program with a Bachelor of Science and look forward to starting my professional career here at Cincinnati Children’s! 

As a pastime I love to read; I finished Pride and Prejudice and am now starting The Age of Innocence

Destiny Coe 

Hello, my name is Destiny Coe and I’ll be joining the Ultrasound division in Radiology. I’m originally from the Cleveland area, and I graduated from The University of Findlay in Findlay, Ohio.  One fond memory I have of growing up in Cleveland is getting to go to the Cavs parade after they won the 2016 NBA championship. It was an incredible time to be in Cleveland. 

A reason I wanted to go into the medical field is that I want to provide the best care for patients. I’m also an avid reader and love to read when I’m not at work. I’m really looking forward to joining the Cincinnati Children’s team! 

Some fun facts about me are that I was heavily involved in dance, theater, and competitive show choir throughout high school and college. The name of the last book I read was I’m Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy. The last movie I saw was Elvis, which came out a few months ago. 

Ashley Farrell 

My name is Ashley Farrell. I’ve been doing ultrasound for 12 years. I am from the west side of Cincinnati and have lived most of my life here with my husband, our one-year-old daughter, and our two dogs. A few years ago, I was a traveling ultrasound tech, working at hospitals across the nation. I have a very large family and loved growing up here with lots of cousins, aunts, and uncles nearby.   

I knew that I always wanted to pursue a job helping people, and I started out in X-ray school.  I quickly realized X-ray was not for me and switched to a diagnostic medical sonography program, where I fell in love with scanning OB. I have done high-risk OB at many hospitals as a traveler, and almost every hospital I’ve worked at had heard about the Fetal Care Center at Cincinnati Children’s. I have always wanted to be part of such an innovative fetal team, and I am so excited to join that team here at Children’s.  

In my downtime, I love to hang out with friends and family, exploring new places and trying new restaurants. I also love to read and have a library at home with over 1,000 books. I am constantly looking for a new thriller to read and also love reading all of my favorite kids’ books to my daughter.   

Rachael Garrison

Rachael Garrison 

My name is Rachael Garrison. I’m from Hamilton and I have lived here my whole life. One of my favorite things to do in Hamilton in the summertime is to visit the local Flubs ice cream shop.  

I attended the University of Cincinnati’s Radiation Science Technology program. I joined the medical field because I enjoy being around people and being there for them when they need it most. I have chosen Cincinnati Children’s because of the positive and encouraging environment it is so well known for.  

I enjoy watching sports, hiking, and crafting. My favorite place that I’ve traveled to is Utah. All the national parks are beautiful out there. For sports, I love watching college football, especially the UC Bearcats. 

I cannot for the life of me remember the last book or movie I watched. 

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