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New Faculty Joining Our Group

New Faculty Joining Our Group

We’d like to offer a warm welcome to the new faculty members joining our team, now and in the near future!

Dr. Cara Morin was a fellow a few years ago and has been down at Saint Jude for the last three years. She’s going to be working in the general pool and with our cardiac imagers. Dr. Nadeen Abu Ata will be coming back to us after her year fellowship in nuclear medicine at the University of Cincinnati. She’s been a fellow with us for four years and will join the faculty and the general pool as well as work on some nuclear medicine cases. Dr. Katie Epstein was a fellow last year and returned to the University of New Mexico with her family. She’s going to be relocating back to our area in June when her kids are out of school and joining us in the general pool. Last but not least, Dr. Ross Ristagno will be coming to us from UC Health. Dr. Ristagno already does work with us on certain interventional cases, but he’ll be joining us full-time on the interventional team this coming July.

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