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Cassie Freese Takes on New Technologist Assistant Position

Cassie Freese Takes on New Technologist Assistant Position

We would like to extend a warm welcome to Cassie Freese, who has taken on the newly created position of Technologist Assistant in the Radiology Department. You may recognize Cassie from her previous video blog article about her daughter’s Cincinnati Children’s experience, or from a past visit to the radiology department. She used to be one of our amazing registrars (ASRs) who would greet and register outpatients at the radiology front desk.

The MRI department has developed this new position in an effort to help with overall flow in the evenings. We perform studies on most of our non-sedate patients (not requiring sedation or general anesthesia) in the evening, which can cause a delay in the schedule because patients who are awake for their scans typically need a little more attention and time (movie/radio setup, room temperature, general comfortability, etc.). Having Cassie as Tech Assistant will greatly improve communication with patients in the waiting room and hopefully speed up the paperwork process to get you and your child to your exam sooner than ever.


Not only will having Cassie’s assistance help the technologists, but it will also provide an excellent resource to answer any questions that may occur during your wait time. If she does not know the answer outright, then she can bring your inquiries back to the department and get your questions answered correctly and completely. As a MRI technologist assistant she is here to keep your radiology visit smooth, so please utilize her talents and give a whole-hearted welcome to the newest member of the MRI team.

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About the author: Tony Dandino

Tony is an MRI Technologist at Cincinnati Children’s. Tony has been in his role for several years and serves as a Charge Tech, Quality Improvement Coach and Safety Coach for the MRI department. Tony has always known he wanted to work with children and in the medical field. Working at Cincinnati Children's has been the best of both worlds. Every day is something new and Tony can never wait to start the next adventure.