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Meet the Team: Dr. Michael Nasser

Meet the Team: Dr. Michael Nasser

Hello, my name is Michael Nasser, M.D. I am one of the pediatric radiologists who covers the overnight shift at Cincinnati Children’s. I’m also an Assistant Professor at the Department of Radiology at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. This shift involves reading all the x-rays, CTs, fluoroscopic procedures, ultrasounds, and MRIs conducted from 9:30 PM to 7 AM.


The patients that I serve are those from the ER and those staying in the hospital. I have been covering the overnight service for the last five years. It is been both challenging and rewarding. Some cases are sad or tragic, but the majority have happy outcomes.

I am honored to be part of each patient’s care team. As the only radiologist here at night, I am able to interact closely with patients and their families. I hope to continue covering the overnight service well into the future; perhaps I’ll have the opportunity to help you or your family. Thank you for this privilege.

Contributed by Dr. Michael Nasser and edited by Glenn Miñano, BFA.

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