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Looking Back After One Year

Post Date: April 6, 2018
Looking Back After One Year

Last year, I finished my pediatric radiology fellowship and was hired on as a faculty radiologist at Cincinnati Children’s. One week I was a fellow, and the next a faculty member. I was nervous about the decision to stay at the time, given the large size and strong reputation of the institution, the complexity of the cases, and the fact that I would be responsible for helping to train future pediatric radiologists. Over the past year, the days (and evenings) have rarely been easy, and it has sometimes been hard not to question whether I made the right decision in staying. However, with a little reflection the answer is always a no brainer.

After completing ten years of medical education, I have come to realize that learning in medicine does not stop at the end of training; it is a lifelong process. Here I have the opportunity to continue to learn from one of the largest, most experienced group of pediatric radiology experts in the world. Just as important, I have come to realize that there is no better way to learn than by teaching, and that I benefit just as much as the trainees do from our daily interactions.

In addition, at Cincinnati Children’s I have access to an unparalleled support system, with an army of committed radiology technologists, dedicated faculty mentors in career development and research, and a network of excellent administrative support staff that allow me to focus my time on what I trained to do – help in the care of children. Aside from the benefits at work, I love being in the city of Cincinnati, an accessible, medium-sized city with great food, music and arts, parks, and breweries.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to stay and be part of the team here at Cincinnati Children’s.

Contributed by Dr.Andrew Schapiro and edited by Janet Adams, (ADV Tech-US).

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About the author: Janet M. Adams

Janet is a sonographer at Cincinnati Children’s. She has worked in the Ultrasound department for over 26 years, and clearly has a passion for working with children. Janet serves as a lead Safety Coach, TJC representative, and education resource for her department. She enjoys challenging exams, and is involved in local and global ultrasound research projects. When she is not at work, her 4 children and 9 grandchildren keep her very busy!