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Let’s Meet the Rest of the 2018 Fellows Team

Let’s Meet the Rest of the 2018 Fellows Team

The Radiology Clinical Fellows who we recruit every year are some of the best and brightest. They are also some of the busiest doctors who work in our department. Not only do they have to work in reading and performing cases, but they also attend the various learning conferences in our department. Below are two fellows who didn’t get mentioned in our first meet the fellows (Class of 2018) blog.

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Dr. Julie Guerin

Dr. Guerin was born in Bonne Terre, Missouri, which translated in French means “good earth.” Bonne Terre is a tiny, old lead-mining town located in southeast Missouri that you have probably never heard of, unless you are an avid scuba diver. In the old mines there is now a one-billion gallon, 17-mile long underground lake, equipped with stadium lighting. It is the largest fresh water scuba venue in the world and was voted by National Geographic as one of the top 10 best places to scuba dive!

Dr. Guerin’s favorite pastimes include dancing, creating art, and traveling. These days you can find her spending time with her young kids and exploring the places around them.

She was born in Denmark and went back to visit family there every other year while growing up. Her family loves to travel, so she has been to nearly every state – with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii. In addition to all of that, she has backpacked through Europe, spent time in Nicaragua for a medical mission trip, and visited her sister last year in Beijing, China!

Dr. Guerin says she is a very visual person and used to have an art gallery, which led her to pursue Radiology. “I was drawn to a job where I made diagnosis through pictures. From the beginning I also wanted to do neuro – love it!”


Dr. David Hunte

Dr. Hunte was born in Mobile, Alabama, but feels most at home in Anguilla, British West Indies. His father’s family has roots there and many of his aunts and cousins still live there.

He enjoys singing in local choirs, both at church and in the community. He also likes to swim, sail and fish. He is an avid reader, choosing mainly fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction and occasionally ancient history.

Anguilla is his favorite place to travel and he makes the trip as often as he can, explaining, “It is warm and sunny year round, with many beaches and reefs offshore. The island life is a bit relaxed in comparison to my daily routine. I can’t think of a better way to spend a few days, though.” When his young son gets a bit older, Dr. Hunte looks forward to showing him the many wonderful things about his father’s birthplace.

Many members of his family are doctors, with specialties ranging from family medicine physicians to nephrology to infectious diseases. Dr. Hunte wanted to fill a role that interacts with all of those fields and more! “The radiologist is allowed the privilege of consulting on nearly any patient in the hospital, and can expect to interact with faculty of various disciplines to discuss patient care every day. As a pediatric radiologist, I get the opportunity to meet amazing children and their families, and contribute to their overall medical care, whether that is from the reading room or the fluoroscopy suite.”

Please help us welcome all of our talented new fellows!

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About the author: Alyssa McAfee

Alyssa is a CT/MRI Coordinator for the Radiology department at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. She had always dreamed of working at Cincinnati Children’s and made that dream a reality when she joined the team in 2015. Alyssa is involved in many different committees and projects within the Radiology department and looks forward to every day at work as a new adventure!