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JUNE Radiology Patient Experience Update 2022

Post Date: June 22, 2022
JUNE Radiology Patient Experience Update 2022

How are we doing? 

In May, 92.6 % of the 326 families surveyed gave us a 9 or 10 for “Overall rating of facility.”  This exceeds our FY22 Goal of 92.0%. 

Family Feedback – Common themes: “Explaining, caring, compassionate 

Amazing as always! The team was so attentive and caring towards my concerns and healing. I always tell my family and friends, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital is the Disney World of hospitals!” because of the special and amazing care I always receive! 

Our nurse was awesome. She was able to get labs ordered so they could be drawn while my son was asleep. She also let me come back while he still had an oral airway in so I could see him ASAP. She used bubbles until he fell asleep with anesthesia and was very transparent with me that it took a few sticks with his IV. Amazing! 

Our tech was absolutely amazing. We got started promptly at the appointment time, and she handled my 6-week-old son with such care. She explained as much as she could to me and was extremely professional. This was my first ultrasound with my son and something that was causing a lot of anxiety was a smooth and great experience. 

The nurse was very kind, pleasant, and willing to try the scan without sedation first, which I appreciated so much! We were done before the actual scan was scheduled to start!  

The Radiology department was very organized and saw us in a timely manner. The kiosk in the front really sped things along and the clerk that checked us in as well as the technician were extremely nice. We had a very good experience and I thank you. 

Monica, Natalie, Cheryl and Liv were outstanding! My child was prepared and relaxed for his MRI. He is four and was able to go through the entire test without sedation, and I feel the staff made that possible. They even gave him a picture of his brain with gummy bears in it since his sister was convinced that’s what they’d see. Thank you all for your compassion and love of kids. You made this experience easy for us. 

Kayla was exceptional with my son! She explained everything about the X-ray process to him in a manner that a 7-year-old would understand. He followed all of her directions, and she recognized him for his positive behavior! She was fantastic! 

Yes, the CT tech was amazing! His name was Alex and he was very kind and extremely patient with us. My son has special needs, and Alex was very sensitive to the extra help we needed.  He had a great attitude and took time to answer all of our questions. He is great asset to your organization; we were very impressed with him!!! Thank you, Alex, for your extreme kindness and upbeat attitude! 

I’d like to recognize Lindsey for her kindness, upbeat and wonderful conversation with myself and daughter, and for explaining the process step by step. She was great!! 



Quality Improvement Division, author; Glenn Miñano, BFA; Meredith Towbin, copy editor

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