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June Patient Experience Update

Post Date: July 21, 2021


Patient Experience is a program set forth by Cincinnati Children’s Radiology Department to investigate and put into effect ways to make our patients’ and their families’ visit outcomes better. Implemented by our Quality Improvement and Compliance Division (QI), the program seeks to improve overall patient and family experiences. It is not just about the type of care children receive, but also about how they feel when they are here and how we can make it better. Examples of these implementations include redesigning our waiting room area, having our staff introduce themselves when they come and greet our patients, and escorting our patients back when their exam is completed.  

It is good to know that all our efforts have yielded satisfactory results. Here is an update on June’s Radiology Patient Experience data and testimonials from our patients and families. 


June Radiology Patient Experience Update 


How are we doing? 

In May, 89.8 % of the 324 families surveyed gave us a 9 or 10 for “Overall rating of the facility” 

overall rating of facility
Radiology FY21 PE Goal of 89.4% achieved 10 out of 11 months


What’s next? 

Patient Experience Week – July 26-30 

This year’s theme is Connection ~ Compassion ~ Commitment. 

Throughout the week of July 26th, the hospital will be celebrating accomplishments, reenergizing our efforts, and honoring everyone, both clinical and non-clinical, who impacts patient experiences every day! 

MRI Safety Week is also that week so we will be combining our efforts 

We have an array of activities planned for an amazing week of learning, fun and celebration! 

Look for more information in the coming weeks. Activities will include: 

  • Nominating co-worker for the Patient Experience Award 
  • Daily Compassion Challenge 
  • Treats and Prizes for staff and patients 
  • MRI and PE Word Puzzle 
  • Is that safe, Dr. Jones? 
  • Ronald McDonald House donation collection 

Recent Survey Comments

“Emily from child life, his nurse Arlene, and his tech Tony were all phenomenal with Elijah.” 

“I wish I got her name but the woman and tech that was helping the tech doing the ultrasound was so sweet. She used her own phone to pull up episodes of a show to have my daughter to watch to keep her calm. It was so sweet.” 

“My appointment was at 9:15 and I believe my tech was Abby but she did and absolutely amazing job and she deserves big kudos for dealing with all of the kiddos that she does, for always keeping a smile on her face and making it undeniably visible that she loves her job.” 

“Both Becky and Angie were amazing to my daughter and to me. They explained everything and made us feel comfortable.” 

“Everyone was great from the two ladies at Check-In to our nurse, and the MRI tech was excellent! Great department!” 

“The one doing my test was very friendly and helpful throughout. She explained everything in advance of what to expect throughout the test. Very pleasant experience.” 

“Wonderful experience! The technicians were thorough and informative. They were patient with my questions and made us feel like their only concern of the day. I really appreciate the services provided.” 

“Alex made sure my son was comfortable with the process and even gave him extra of his favorite stickers. My son really appreciated it!” 

“The technician who performed the ultrasound was really caring and listened to our concerns. She made us all feel very comfortable and was patient and kind.” 

“Our X-ray tech was so friendly and very caring with my daughter. She really helped her feel relaxed and comfortable and was really sensitive to the pain she may be in for different parts of the X-ray due to her injury.” 

“The radiology tech that was with us during my daughter’s MRI was wonderful! She was very kind and thoughtful. She made Lily and I both feel very at ease and comfortable. She talked to her throughout the procedure and reassured her that she was doing great! We are grateful!” 

“Lindsey the ultrasound technician was wonderful! She was extremely sweet and knowledgeable … As well, she was very helpful with my 17-year-old who had expressed an interest in learning more about schooling to be as a radiology technician as a possible career path post high school. She took the time to answer all her questions.” 

“Our experience was great from the receptionist to the tech… the tech that did the ultrasound was fantastic, she made us comfortable, she explained everything. I cannot remember her name but she was fabulous and I give her all the kudos in the world.” 

“Both the woman who checked us in and the X-ray techs were so friendly and sweet to my son. You could tell they all loved where they worked.” 

“Not sure of their names but the ultrasound tech and the girl she was training were amazing. Made it very comfortable being there when we were nervous. They were very kind and answered all our questions.” 

Tony Giordano was who we spent most of our time with.  He was professional, not in a stuffy way but in a laid back way, that provided a calmness we needed.  He was awesome!!” 

“Michelle was great! She was interactive with my husband, our daughter, and me, which helped put us at ease. We also had a urine sample we needed to drop at the lab and she helped us in locating someone to help us with that afterwards.” 


Radiology Patient Experience, author; Glenn Miñano, BFA, editor; Meredith Towbin, copy editor

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