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June 2023 Radiology Patient Experience Update

Post Date: June 15, 2023
June 2023 Radiology Patient Experience Update

How are we doing?

In April, 93.5% of families surveyed gave the radiology department a positive score for “Overall rating of facility.” In May, that rating was 92.2%.

This exceeds the FY23 Goal of 92.0% positive!!

The FY23 Goal is 92.0%

Family Feedback

  • The woman who did the X-rays for my daughter was awesome! She was very friendly and informed us of everything she was going to do. She was very patient with my daughter in getting her into the right position. (My daughter has autism and sometimes it takes her a few minutes to understand what she needs to do.)
  • Destiny, who did the ultrasound, was fabulous! She made sure our daughter was comfortable and cared for the whole visit. She gave her a sticker and a lollipop when she was done for being the best patient! It is not easy to get a 2-year-old to sit still for pictures, but Destiny made it happen! She was so great the whole time we were there.
  • The lady at the front desk was very friendly and enthusiastic about doing her job.  She immediately connects with the patient.
  • The CT scan staff was amazing with us yesterday. We left very happy after the procedure.
  • Jasmine was so friendly!! She was very comforting when we were discussing my son’s procedure. Sierra helped place my son’s catheter, and we had minimal upset from my son! Dr. Smith walked me through the images he obtained and was very efficient. Everyone down to the receptionist was super friendly and helpful and made our visit very pleasant and easy 🙂 Thank you for all your help!
  • Everyone from security guards to staff was so helpful. Loved the family waiting room where there was coffee and so forth. Keep up the good work!
  • Sarah, the nuclear medicine technologist was amazing, and she helped put my son at ease and explained everything step by step. She was very friendly and guided us to a place where we could wait and rest in between tests. Nice job, Sarah!
  • Andrea, the ultrasound tech that provided care for my daughter, was excellent. She made us feel comfortable and was so patient and kind with our 3-month-old who was very active while she was trying to get the pictures needed. Thank you!
  • The staff at Children’s Hospital was amazing! I am a grown adult that is terrified of needles and Ms. Cheryl was amazing. She helped me work through getting the IV and prepping for my MRI. She was super conforming and helpful. Super grateful for the help and support.
  • The technician who took the CT scan of my daughter’s foot was very friendly and kind and he explained everything very well to us. And he also explained what he was going to do after we left, how he was going to work with the images, and how we could view them. He was very enthusiastic and went into great detail, which was of great interest to us about what the scan was all about and how we could view it. We’re really appreciative. Thank you.
  • Katherine Leopard was amazing at putting my child’s nerves at ease and explaining the procedure to him in simple terms. As always, truly phenomenal care at Cincinnati Children’s, and that is why we keep coming back. Macy, Kaitlynn, and the radiologist were also very pleasant and good with my son.

Quality and Improvement Division, author & contributor; Glenn Miñano, BFA, editor; Meredith Towbin, copy editor

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